Sunday, August 10, 2008

sink or float...

(all you need to sink or float???)

john 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[f] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (niv)

for ALL of john chapter 3, click here:)

what does this passage (just john 3:16) mean to you???
can it stand alone in encompassing the basic nature of Christianity???
do you think that taken from context it is misleading???
should it BE taken from context???
do you think that this passage is used so often
that it has lost the affect it was intended to have
on john's readers???

please comment:)

it doesn't matter to me whether or not

you are a Christian.

i do not/will not judge.

be as open and honest as you want to be.

please, don't criticize others' views/comments.

i will give you my opinion on these questions

after i read yours:)

(i have written this post after reading (a stand-alone)john 3:16 at another blogger's site, i was actually going to share awards today, but decided that could wait. i really hope you will participate... as i think it could be very interesting reading. may we ALL learn something new!!! i'm really excited:D)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Shannon said...

To me it means exactly what it says....for God so loved the world....but I strive every day to live my life in accordance with him. I also strive to teach my children to do the same. Through his grace I am saved every day and by my baptism I am saved and promised eternal life with him.
I have chosen to live my life and to serve my Lord with the promise of eternal life.

For others...It may be used as their "get out of Jail card"

Anonymous said...

I think it in no way encompasses all of christianity. If it did, there would be no need for any other scriptures.

I think it's ok to take scriptures out of context. (to some extent and with much repect to the author's intent) Because that way our heart can be touched for our individual circumstance. It is a gift that we are able to accept personal revelation from the Holy Ghost through reading the scriptures.

If you have questions, pray.
If you're searching for answers, read.

You should do this every Sunday!

Anonymous said...

1 more thing.

I think when you see a sign at a football game with JOHN 3:16 on it it takes away from the specialness of it. The sacredness of it.

I think when preached or shared in the spirit of God, it can't be expressed enough.

SuzanSayz said...

What a lovely post for Sunday Dani. I have always loved this scripture and I believe it is to be taken literally. As a Mormon, even though a lot of Christians from other Churches don't believe we are Christians ourselves, I can assure you that we are. I have a tremendous love for my Saviour and the marvelous sacrifice he made for me. We do very much believe in the Saviours grace, we know that it would really be impossible to live a perfect life no matter how hard we try and that is where Jesus' sacrifice takes over for us. He truly does fill in our blanks. We also believe though that we are saved "after all we can do" so we are expected to follow his commandments to the best of our knowledge and ability. We also don't believe in hell quite the way other Christians do. We believe in differing degrees of glory, and realize that people will be where they belong after the resurrection. We believe also that we will continue to make progress after we die and continue to learn and repent of things we did in life when we finally have a better knowledge of God's plan. So yes we believe absolutely and completely in Jesus being our saviour and being the only way to salvation. Hope this isn't too long:}

MoziEsmé said...

I think it contains the essentials - God is love, and His Son is the source of everlasting life - all you've gotta do is believe in Him.

That being said, your walk with God will be so much more meaningful in the context of all of scripture rather than just one verse.

So if you're at someone's deathbed, it is a great scripture to share. And if you're walking someone through their conversion experience with Christ, it is SO relevant. But don't stop there - there is SO much more!

And I don't think this verse can easily be taken out of context - since it's all there. While it is in response to Nicodemus' inquiry as to Jesus' role in things, Christ makes His answer far more encompassing than that.

"John 3:16" isn't very meaningful to me, but I'm happy to see the actual text spelled out and displayed anywhere, as long as it's not being used to bash people/judge them with, which would be totally contrary to its intent.

Jan said...

I know that this scripture is very very powerful. It is what it is. It is what is was. It is what happened.

There are so many other scriptures supporting just that. I know that I am saved by grace. But I also believe that faith without works is dead. I have a responsibility to keeping the commandments. If not, then repentance or commandments would not be needed.

It is like crossing a river for me. I can walk the walk to the river, prepare myself with needs like take my food, help others along the way. but when it comes to crossing it, I need a boat or a bridge or raft. That is how I see my Christian journey. I am His instrument in doing His goodly works, but to ultimately get to the Kingdom of God, I need to believe in my Savior and his grace and love. Without it, I am stuck on the banks of the river not able to cross into the Kingdom. Because there is no other way to the Father but through Him. That is why I am so grateful for His sacrifice for us and His unconditional love for us.

Wonderful post Dani.

Kellan said...

I never tire of hearing this verse spoken and I never tire of reciting it myself. I don't think it has lost it's meaning and think it is - as it was possibly intended - to be the most powerful verse in the entire Bible!

Hope you had a good weekend - Kellan

Robin said...

I have always taken this scripture very literally. The fact that God gave his only Son for us is just such a powerful message. How could we not believe in His love for us and His Righteousness, His plans for us? I love being a Christian

Wonderful post Dani!

Tanya said...

A very powerful scripture & my favourite! I don't think it has lost it's meaning... God gave his only Son so that we who so choose it may have eternal life! to me it is definitely the most powerful scripture in the bible! We as a church were once asked if we could so easily make that same sacrifice, I know I honestly could not! While I have chosen to serve my Lord, some days are not easy & it would be easier to walk another road, but when I stop to think about the sacrifice made for me I am humbled! The walk of a Christian may not always be an easy one, but one that has eternal rewards.

Beautiful post Dani :)

Tanya xxx

Amanda said...

I don't know how i missed this post Dani!
Very appropriate for a Sunday.
I simply take it as it is. Beautiful.

Weith Kick said...

To me it means believing in yourself. If you truly believe who you are then you shall live fully (eternally). Life shall be heaven and heaven life.

Bren's Life said...

I have just been reading all the comments on both posts. I love how you have helped us all Think about the Love our Savior has for each one of us.
I love that we as friends belong to different religions, but we accept & cherish each others thoughts & feelings.
Thank you so much for Sharing & starting this. What a wonderful way to talk about our Savior.