Monday, August 4, 2008

a silly, silly sophomore...

(chico and katherine)

and a "sophisticated senior"???


i think they are both pretty silly:b

i have had a couple of blogger friends who don't live in the usa ask what a "sophomore" is (because katherine is going to be a sophomore in high school this year) and how the usa's school system works.

so, i will try to explain as best i can.
although my explanation is solely based on my experience with kentucky schools, i believe it is basically the same nation-wide.

if it is different in your state, feel free to expound in your comment:D

(most school years run from september to may.)

parents have the option of sending their children to what we call "pre-k" (pre-kindergarten)/"pre-school" for kids who turn 4 before october 1st. this schooling is usually only about 3 hours a day.

kindergarten is mandatory for kids who turn 5 before october 1st. however, parents may choose to start sending their child to kindergarten the following year if they believe that their child needs the extra year for maturity. kindergarten has been transitioning from 1/2 day to full day over the past several years; most are now full day instruction.

elementary education is grade 1 through grade 5.

middle school is grade 6 through grade 8.

high school is grade 9 through grade 12.
9th graders are called freshmen.
10th graders are called sophomores.
11th graders are called juniors.
12th graders are called seniors.

students graduate in the spring of their senior year (usually around the age of 18).

a bachelor of science/arts degree is usually acquired after 4 years of college.
students in college are referred to as:
1st year - freshmen
2nd year - sophomore
3rd year - junior
4th year - senior

a master of science/arts is usually acquired after 2 years of post college/university graduation.

a doctorate is an additional 2 years.

i think (with variations) that is about it in a nutshell...
if you have any more questions, feel free to ask:D

love and blessings,
dani xx


Weith Kick said...

Yup, I think that covers it.

linda said...

You explained it perfectly...and it's pretty much the same here in California. Our cut-off date is early December. If your child doesn't turn 5 until after the Dec 8th (I think the 8th?) date, then they have to wait to start school the following year.

Your silly sophmore is having a great fun!

I have a silly sophmore too...sophmore in college.

Tabitha said...

That is great Dani!! I have asked Hannah what a Sophomore is on one of her posts!! I had no idea how the school system works over there with you!! Ours is very different here and they start at school in Year R usually when they are 4 (which stands for Reception), then go up to year 2 in the infant school. They then go from year 3 to 6 in junior school. They then move to senior school when they are approx 11 and stay there from year 7 to year 11 I think or it could be year 12!! Then they can either leave and get a job or carry on to college and then university!! I think that is right!! Lauren moves to year 2 when they go back in September and Daniel will be in year 6 ~ his last year at Junior school!!

Amanda said...

I always hear about freshmen and sophomore's in the movies! Now i know what exactly they are!
It's funny how the school system varies from area to area. I just read Tabitha's comment and the English school system differs quite alot from the Scottish. And they call it a 'United Kingdom' !
Take Care,
Amanda xx

Tanya said...

WOW! thanks for explaining it Dani! have always wondered about the school system in the U.S!! here they start in Prep~that year they turn 5... before a certain date (can't remember for the life of me!!) in December, then it's Primary... years 1-3 lower primary & years 4-7 upper primary then it's on to High School... years 8-12, you used to be able to leave in year 10, but now you have to have either a full time job or be enrolled in a course/apprenticeship, otherwise it's compulsory to go on & finish Year 12! for those students wishing to go into a particular field... teacher, doctor etc. it's off to University usually for a minimum of 4 years! I think in Victoria it is slightly different, they start high school a year earlier! not sure how the other states work!!
Great photo of your "Silly, Silly Sophomore"

take care,

Tanya xxxx

Hannah said...

Hahahahah Chico? Sophisticated? We're talking about a boy that took me out in my jammies (mhm, Texas Attire) last night to skateboard around 9:30pm!!! Pshhhttt...sophisticated :P


Little Sweethearts said...

Are you really sure that guy has eyes??? LOL

Our school system is different to yours:

Schools starts September 1 and ends June 30. A schoolday starts at 8.20 am and lasts till 4 pm (3.35 pm on Thursday and Friday), on Wednesdays they're off at 11.15 am (which is early!)

Kids can start school as soon as they turn 2 1/2 years old, some parents choose to send their kids for half days in the beginning (I did). They step in after a school holiday - Robin stepped in after the fall holiday and Caitlin started in September which means that they almost did an extra year ). Practically all kids are in school by the time they are 3, it's mandatory at the age of 5.

There are 3 years of "kleuterschool" (toddler school or kindergarten). The year they turn 6 they start their first year of "lagere school" (elementary school). This last six years. Then they start their first year of "middelbare school" (highschool), also six years. So it's basically 3 + 6 + 6. After that you can go to college or university.

Thanks for the explanation about sophomores etc!


Anonymous said...

Here in TX they don't call it middle school. It's JR. High.

They'd be offended to hear middle school!!

Jan said...

After reading this post, I even feel smarter. Thanks for the 101. I think I missed my sophmore year. I won't tell you why. Well maybe. I wasn't listening much. That's that in a nutshell.

Have a great day Dani girl.

Tell you sophmore to listen. ;)

SuzanSayz said...

Perfect explanation Dani. I had no idea that our school system in the USA was so hard to decypher. It's really interesting to read about how other country's schools work.