Saturday, August 23, 2008

let your well wishes float...

i don't like putting two extremely emotional posts back-to-back; but, i feel that today it is quite necessary to do so...

a week ago
stephanie and christian nielson were in a small-plane crash... both survived but are in very bad shape due to burns and trauma...

here is an article about their plane crash:

click here.

and this is christian's and stephanie's love story in pictures set to music:

***"Some of you may know that Steph and Christian have a family tradition of writing wishes on helium balloons to release them in the air (see: here). On Saturday, we'd like to invite people anywhere, everywhere to write thoughts of faith and hope to be released at the same time. (Nie is going to love this!) Lets do 5:00 AZ time (6:00 MST/7:00/Central/8:00/Eastern). Will you all take pictures of the release where you are and e-mail me so we can post them on Monday?" c jane (stephanie's sister)
love and God's blessings,


Little Sweethearts said...

Hi Dani,

I heard about this crash through the blog of Peek-a-boo prints and I feel so sorry for this family. What a terrible thing to happen to these young people. My thoughts are with them and their children. I hope they recover soon and can be together as a family again.


Anonymous said...

I've seen this everywhere today. I'm praying for them and their kids.

Tabitha said...

Oh Dani ~ I don't know anything about the plane crash ~ but my heart is with these people and their families at this time. Releasing baloons is just a wonderful idea. I wish them a speedy recovery.
love and hugs XXXXX

Jan said...

It has been a sad sad thought to run through our heads huh. Such a sweet family and to think of the changes in their lives. They are so strong though. They will pull through.

Thanks for the car and share Dani. I just go my balloons and am ready to float the hope. :)

meganxxx said...

Hi Dani
I found cjanes blog yesterday actually and i am so sorry for this family.

Love and best wishes to them all for a full recovery.

Love Meganxx

Tanya said...

Dani, this is just so sad!! I have just watched the video, so beautiful, releasing the balloons is a wonderful idea, I wish the a speedy recovery, my heart goes out to them, their children & their families, i will keep them in my prayers!

much love to you Miss D!

t. xoxoxo

Amanda said...

I hope all is well and wish them a good and speedy recovery.
God Bless.
Amanda x

Robin said...

How tragic. What a beautiful young family. Prayers to all of them for a speedy and fully recovery.