Sunday, August 3, 2008

saturday night on the lane...

"A" is for...

("A"pple: granny smiths are my favorite;)


(the "A"ngels)

and for...

(yes, he has eyes; they are just closed:b)

(the one and only...)

last night katherine had alfonso (aka "chico")
over for a play date...
i was lying in my bed (the one with NOTHING underneath it:)
when i looked up to see alfonso who had wandered in
and was checking out the portrait
hanging above the headboard of my bed (wth???)...

("floating heads")

"is that you and katherine???" he asked.
"yes," i replied.
"hmmm..." he hmmmm'ed. "i thought so," he continued.
"katherine calls it 'floating heads'," i added.
"oh, is that why you want a picture of us
in black turtlenecks???" he asked.
"no, my mom wants a picture of katherine
in a black turtleneck;
you don't have to wear one..." i answered and chuckled to myself.
"ah, good," he said then left my bedroom.

saturday night on the lane is usually interesting.
this week was no different:D

katherine calls alfonso a "piece of work".
i agree, lol!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx


Hannah said...

Good Lord!!! That boy...he's definitely a "piece of work".


linda said...

We've got a family portrait with the floating heads's one of my favorite family pictures ever. Yours is beautiful too!!

Jan said...

That is so funny Dani. I think it sort of is like floating heads.

I am still so jealous of your empty space underneath your bed. How does it feel? Are you sleeping better?

Now monsters can hide under there though. Just telling you. Monsters, floating heads? Hmm...

dani said...

yes, he is hawnz... lol!!!

dani said...

thank you, linda:) katherine calls it "floating heads" i call it our "addams family" portrait. but, i really do like it as well. katherine and i were trying to be serious when the photo was taken, but we were about to crack-up!!!

dani said...

hi, jan:) i hope you had a great family reunion!!!
it's funny that you mentioned monsters under the bed. in the comments on my last post, i was telling miss lucy that when i was little... to avoid the monster under my bed from grabbing my ankle, i would take a running leap and jump from the door leading into my bedroom into my bed. HA!!! i told her michael jordan had nothing on me:b

Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a better Saturday night than i did! Richard was 'on-call' and i sat all night on my own :( Send Chico over here!
BTW, i like the floating heads!

Tabitha said...

I love the floating head picture ~ although you do both look very serious!!
Sounds like you had a great Saturday night
love and hugs XXXXX

Jennifer H said...

Floating Heads...that's so funny. I love the snipits of "life on the lane" you do. It's a wonderful life!

SuzanSayz said...

That picture is just darling Dani. My kids had a few friends like Alfonso, and they were so much fun that they were always welcome any time.

Luis said...

Hola!, como va?, muy buen Blog, me gusto, voy a seguir pasando, que andes bien, pasate por el mio cuando gustes, saludos


Weith Kick said...

Oooh, floating heads. Cool.

Christy said...

He sounds like a goofy kid:)

Cheri and Jesse said...

LOVE the Floating Heads portrait! It is too sweet!

dani said...

amanda, chico is a funny one. if you want entertainment, he's definitely the one to call. he can perform "stupid human tricks" as well, HA!!!

dani said...

thank you, tabitha:) we were only pretending to be serious... it wasn't easy, HA!!! you know me...
we did have fun on saturday night and then AGAIN last night. sweet chics is definitely a funny one:D

dani said...

jenn, honestly, life on the lane is normally pretty wonderful. i certainly wouldn't trade it:)

dani said...

thank you, suz:) and, yes, alfonso is a lot of fun. katherine giggles at him the whole time he is here!!! i had friends like him when i was in school (they are still friends) that i wouldn't trade for anything in the world!!!

dani said...

thank you for stopping by, luis, and for your sweet comments (i think, ha, i don't know much spanish:)
buenos tardes,

dani said...

wk, what can i say??? the daughter and i are pretty cool:b ROTFLMAO!!!

dani said...

christy, he can be pretty goofy. but he's also pretty sharp!!! he's already been accepted into vanderbuilt university next year (he starts his senior year of hs tomorrow)... he's a hoot!!!

dani said...

thank you, cheri:) that was a Christmas gift to john several years ago... he really liked it.

Bren's Life said...

ok- who the heck is Chico? A neighbor a family friend or what??? And I can't believe he just walks into your room while your in bed. I'd of thrown something at him...
Great picture. I couldn't do an all black picture. Well you know why!

Tanya said...

Hi Dani, love the floating heads portrait! It must be such a fantastic feeling having nothing under your bed.... want to come over & help me with mine????

lots of love,
tanya xxx

dani said...

Ha, bren!!! chico's katherine's friend. i always tell kat's friends to make themselves at home... well, chico did:b
i was like "wtheck???"

dani said...

hey, tanya, thank you:)
it's still feeling pretty good... i'm thinking there may be more to feng-shui than i originally thought???
lol, i could never go completely feng-shui. but, i'm not missing anything i've ridden myself of so far:)

Robin said...

How did you not scream when you saw him?! hahaha!

Dig the floating heads!

dani said...

HA!!! robin, NOTHING surprises me around here... that's why i did not scream...
and thanks:b