Saturday, August 16, 2008

watch out for that pole!!!

the name has been left out to protect the innocent:b

the following is the 100 m-fly for those who haven't been watching the olympics. on this particular clip there is a line that shows up in red (at about 42 seconds into the swim) marking the current world record time. that line was green on the television i was watching last night.

keeping that in mind, here is the clip and the conversation that ensued while watching this swim live...

innocent one: what is that green thing???

me: that??? (pointing to the green line on the television)

innocent one: yeah...

me: that is used to show how fast the swimmers have to swim to beat the world record.

innocent one: oh... how do they keep from swimming into it???

me: into what???

innocent one: the green pole...


love and blessings,
dani xx


Little Sweethearts said...

Hmmm.... I wonder who asked? ;)


Amanda said...

Yes, I wonder who the innocent one is...?!!
Thanks for the laugh Dani, its just what i needed!
Amanda x

meganxxx said...

LOL thats a funny one!
Apparently one of our illustrious Aussie tv hosts asked whether or not world records can be beaten in the olympics!!!! Maybe that bimbo should have been sitting with you so you could explain that one to her LMAO! She makes the "innocent" one look like a genius!!!
Hope you are having a great day

Tabitha said...

Tee Hee!!
That is just the kind of thing that I would have asked!!
Thanks for the laugh!!
love and hugs XXXX

Tanya said...

Oh Dani that's so funny!!!!! I too wonder who the innocent one is?

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday :)

t. xxxx

Lucy said...

Hi Dani,
Are you sure the innocent one wasn't pulling your leg?
By the way what a wonderfull thought to include my daling Elise in your blog for her birthday. let me tell you that she had an especially special birthday this year.
Loved the post on waxing amoungst the boys. Ther seem like a loverly bunch of young men. Katherine must be having a blast in their company.
Sending you lots of love and hugs.

Anonymous said...


Ginny said...

That John!!!! Silly boy (just kidding!) Not a dull moment at your house. I dropped off 4 guys and 2 girls at the awesome Wilson County Fair last night.(it really is an award winning fair!) I was a little concerned leaving them there, but I have to cut the cord! So I'm just very patiently waiting for some conversations and events like you've been having at your house!

dani said...

tania, i cannot tell who asked because i promised i wouldn't, hahahahahahaha!!!! but the person was serious and having a blonde moment:b
love and knuffels,

dani said...

i'm happy you laughed after your experience last night... i hope all was better with your boys this morning:) give them hugs from me!!!

dani said...

megan, now THAT would have been one very interesting conversation, HA!!! the innocent one is actually not far from genius (i think that could be the innocent one's problem;)!!!

dani said...

tabitha, honestly not knowing what the line was, i could understand the confusion... but, a POLE???

dani said...

hey, tanya:)
my lips are sealed. i'm sure it wouldn't take many guesses, though:b

dani said...

hi, miss lucy:)
no, unfortunately the innocent one was serious... HA!!!
i'm so happy elise had such a wonderful day. troy outdid himself with all his organization!!!
and, yes the boys and girls are a lot of fun at this age... always entertaining:D
have a great week!!!

dani said...

hey, jenn:)
yep, my sentiments exactly!!!

dani said...

hey, gin:)
what am i going to do with that boy of mine??? (HAHAHA!!!)
seriously, when i told him about the conversation, he just shook his head...
so, how hard was it to pull away from the fair after the drop-off??? i have heard that the wilson co. fair is awesome!!! linda and gary used to go every year when they lived in lebanon. i hope they had a great time!!!

linda said...

Out of the mouths of...teenagers! Gotta love it!

Isn't Phelps amazing. His mother must be soooo proud!

dani said...

linda, phelps IS amazing and very seemingly gracious to boot:)

MoziEsmé said...

Awww! You gotta love the innocence . . .

rhonda said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! watch a football game with "innocent one" and see what they think about the "first down pole"......

dani said...

you are right, j:)

dani said...

r, hopefully the innocent one cannot be tricked two times!!! hopefully???

Pete (Bib# 70) Hagen said...

Where'd you say you's from?
This is from Shannon signed in as Pete. I guess I could change it in the amount of time it took me to write this, but I won't b/c I'm tired.'s ok.....if it was you? Ha!

dani said...


Bren's Life said...

LOL! ok- that is funny. Did you ever watch that show Whacked Out Sports or something like that? It just ended & it was a show where ppl tried to compete each week in this crazy obstacle type course to win $50K. Well there was this girl on from Alaska & she's supposed to jump onto this pole & swing across onto the last obstacle. Well she can't see the pole - the huge white pole right in front of her. It was funny. For some reason I thought of that, but you probably have to see it. Maybe you can google it....
:) :)

dani said...

hey, bren:) it was funny... poor innocent one:S i haven't seen the show you are referring to, but i will look to see if it is on youtube:D

Shannon said...

I just had to comment again. I completely forgot how talented you are and this room pulling together so nicely comes as no surprise. For anyone reading this comment I must brag a little on Dani. She has a hand for art and has painted many murals on the walls in our old church!

Wendi said...

SO great...and so me! I'm a brilliant brunette with many blonde moments.

Hannah said...

I was soooooo looking for that video to do a blog on it :P
That was too funny!!