Saturday, August 9, 2008

2 lbs. in 2 days...

and, only 54 more days to go:S

(grilled chicken, apples, and spinach salad with fat-free ginger dressing:)

man, wouldn't it be nice to actually keep up the momentum of losing a pound a day on a relatively healthy diet!!!

if so, that would mean i would only have to eat chicken breasts, green vegetables, and granny smith apples for another 38 days:b (there was actually a time in my life that i could do it;) but, i think that metabolic train left the station about 3 years ago, HA!!!

(roasted chicken with apples: i use only the breast... 2 grams of fat per serving;)

for those who have wondered about the diet i have put myself on, i will tell you, it's really not as bad as it sounds as i am a chicken eater anyway... i have just decided to cut out all the junk (mainly carbs) i eat along with the chicken. and i use different sauces in which to dip or cook my breasts (all fat-free... like bbq, 57, sweet-n-sour, etc...) also, i bought several different kinds of green vegetables (green beans, asparagus, spinach, etc...) finally, the apples are just for snacking...

there's one thing about it though, in another 54 days, someone may have to pay me to ever look at another apple or piece of chicken, LOL!!!


have a good evening, and enjoy your brownies, cookies, and ice cream:b
i would if i were you!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx


Jan said...

2 in 2. Wow. That is an amazing amount Dani. That does look really good too. I thing that chicken in that salad, is making my mouth water. And then how you surrounded the chicken with the apples. Nice touch.

Good luck and keep us all updated on the amazing progress.

dani said...

hey, jan:) i know it is probably just water weight... but i really wish it would really keep coming off at that speed. i have gained almost 15 lbs since may having to eat differently because of the iron i've been having to take:S sooooooooooooooooo NOT cool!!!
thank you!!! i will definitely keep you updated:)

E and T said...

Hi Dani

You're off to a flying start with your diet. Well done. I am going to be joining you and Tabitha on the diet front (I'm going to wait until after my birthday next weekend, because I want to enjoy some festivities, but then it's time to watch what I eat so I can lose some weight). Like you said, it's all about cutting out the carbs and unhealthy stuff from your diet. I am looking forward to following you on this journey and supporting you along the way.

What a hoot reading about Katherine's first date. Chico sounds like so much fun. The pair of them would keep me laughing. How sweet of them to come home to grab a snack. I am still not domesticated when it comes to the kitchen, as long as one of them can cook, that's the main thing. What's chico like in the kitchen?

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

Lots of love to you and big hugs.

Tanya said...

Dani way to go girl!! you know this actually sounds doable, going to make a start tomorrow, but what do you have for breakfast? I so need to join you, the kids are getting geared up for the warmer weather which means spending alot of time at the beach.... I don't want to disappoint them because I'm too embarrassed to be seen on the beach LOL!!! keep up the great work, are you doing any exercise? keep us updated :)

Tanya xxx

Bren's Life said...

That is awesome!! I need to learn to have will power & not eat cookies & candy & junk food. I eat like I did in college.
I like chicken though. I may have to give it a try...

dani said...

hi, elise:) definitely wait until after your birthday to start dieting!!! i am the cook around here; so, if i don't bake it, it doesn't get baked (well er... or, it gets burned, HA!!!). your mother is such a cook and baker that if i had her around (and, by the way, i would gladly take her off your hands;), i don't know if my will-power could take it:b (i would have liked to have come through the screen and ate a donut or three with her on her last post!!!)
as far as chico in the kitchen goes... hmmm...
i haven't discussed whether or not he has cooking skills. i KNOW he has eating skills because he ate katherine's chocolate chip cookies last night (black bottoms and all;), lol. surely kat will get better before long!!!
have a beautiful sunday:D

Lucy said...

Hi Dani,
What a fantastic start to your weight loss. The salad looks very appetizing especially with the addition of the apple. I agree, cutting out carbs is the way to go and of course, exercise. Congratulations to Katherine on her first official 'date.'The choc chip cookies looked ok to me.
Still keeping Nick in our prays.
Love and hugs.

dani said...

t, i have never been a breakfast person. i actually drink a couple of glasses of flavoured iced coffee with/without a little skim milk.
i haven't started exercising yet; but i intend to do just that soon. john gave me the wii fit for my birthday. i have played around with it a couple of times, and it really gives a good work-out!!! i think i will probably try that starting monday...
i will let you know:D

dani said...

bren, i know!!! i have put the "freshman 15" on over the summer, HA!!! i could write a book about college junking:b
i do have will-power; but i have to get to THAT point before i use it.
you know, de-cluttering 18 years of stuff has helped me mentally do this more than anything, i think. i didn't realize how all the stuff i'd collected over the years was really weighing on me (no pun intended:)!!!
if you do try it, tell me how it is going:D

dani said...
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dani said...

oh, hi, miss lucy:)
i was just commenting to elise (above)that i'd like to take you off her hands if she wanted to share:D that salad is very good (so is the roasted rosemary chicken:b)!!!
kat's cookies didn't actually look half bad in the picture; but, bless her heart, the bottoms were BLACK!!! alfonso still found a way to eat several of them though, tee-hee:)
have a great day!!!

Weith Kick said...

I left for you a Major Award on my site. Check it.

MoziEsmé said...

That really does look good! (though every day? I still think I'd get stinkin' tired of it!)

Congrats on the 2 lbs!

Tabitha said...

Hi there Dani ~ well done !!! That is really excellent ~ 2 pounds in 2days is just brilliant!! Although I have not limited myself to just chicken salad and apples ~ I have pretty much done the same as you are doing ~ cut out the carbs and the junk ~ and upped the exercise too and it seems to have worked so far!!!! I am so happy to have a diet buddy! I had a tuna salad last night followed by fresh strawberries and it was lovely ~ if you get fed up of the chicken etc ~ try that ~ it was really nice!! I know that you are like me ~ once you put your mind to it ~ you will do it.
Love and hugs to you XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Little Sweethearts said...

I agree with Tabitha: you seem like a person who will do it once you set your mind to it (unlike me when it comes to dieting - except maybe for cutting out coca cola).

I think I would get fet up with eating the same thing every day, but well, maybe that's just the purpose: that you eat less as the days pass by??

Good luck,

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

you go Dani, I told Craig tonight, I'm starting a massive diet tomorrow morning and I'm not stopping until I'm back to my 'this time last year' weight. I'm too scared to even weigh myself tomorrow morning before I start in case I cry!


dani said...

woo-hoo, wk:) it IS major and FRAGILE, lmao!!! thank sooooooooo much!!! you are pretty sweet, too:D

dani said...

thank you, esme's mum!!! i may get very tired of it, too (actually i'm sure i will). at that point i may have modify a bit. however, it is easy grocery shopping:D
have a great monday!!!

dani said...

hey, tab:) exercise is something i know i am going to have to impliment; i just haven't done it yet. my wii fit may become my best friend or worst enemy over the next few weeks, HA!!!
i really like tuna salad as well and probably will HAVE to add it to the mix at some point. yum, fresh strawberries sound really good right now (in a cake, dipped in chocolate, with whipped cream... JUST KIDDING!!! i think???).
have fun and enjoy your sunny day!!!

dani said...

tania, it really does work that way for me... where if i eat the same thing day-in-day-out that i do decrease the amount along the way. or that has been the secret to my success in the past:)
i will keep you all updated:D

dani said...

thanks, em:) i probably would have cried when i stepped on the scales; but i was well aware that i had put on more than just a few pounds:S
having been on bed rest most of the summer coupled with having to eat more because of the iron i had been taking did nothing for my weight issue.
but, it's time, and i will take off this excess weight.
good luck with yours!!!

Shannon said...

Keep us updated on any different recipes you come across. We eat only chicken and fish at our house and sometimes it gets a little boring.
Good luck!!!!!!!!!

Hannah said...

Hhaaha I don't think I could do it!! But, I'm more of a turkey type of gal ;]
I wish you luck :D Keep up the great work, Mommay :D

dani said...

will do, shannon:) i know... chicken and fish can become boring:S take away almost everything else, and it becomes REALLY boring, HA!!!

dani said...

i can do chicken or turkey, hanni; but i am starting to really miss bread, pasta, and cereal:S

Amanda said...

Good luck with the diet, you are off too a good start!
I was also going to ask what you had for breakfast, but Tanya has already asked. I supposr if i tries the diet i could have apples with a fat free yoghurt. I might give it a go with you!

dani said...

if you do, good luck, amanda:) as i said, i notice when i start getting tired of the food i start eating less and less. however, i awoke this morning, hungry!!! i ate 2 granny smiths about as fast as a horse would have (didn't eat the core and stem; you'll be happy to know;), lmao!!! no kidding:B

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! Great job! You sure can make 3 ingredients look fantastic!

dani said...

it's not bad, jenn:) so far, so good!!! it is really mental though. i eat chicken all the time. but, now that i've committed to eating only chicken, i am starting to look at it a little differently:S HA!!!