Saturday, August 30, 2008

my taste buds are broken!!!

a little over a week ago i was visiting suz's blog. she commented that she has lost her taste for food. i thought to myself, AGAIN, i have too...
my taste buds are broken!!!

~~~i had already decided that my toothbrush was to blame.


my last toothbrush purchase was a colgate® 360°® (the one that has the "unique cheek and tongue cleaner"). i had decided that i had scrubbed away my taste buds!!! no, REALLY, i was sure that i had... for, my chicken had begun to taste like wood, my granny smiths had begun to taste like gold and delicious (no longer sour), and my green vegetables??? they had just offered texture (no flavor at all)!!!~~~

so, i commented as to what i thought my problem was.

that afternoon i received a sweet email form suz's sister, "j", who kindly told me that i could be experiencing a sinus problem... i replied that she could be i do live in the ohio valley (allergy central).

well, i think she was right!!! a couple of days later, my olfactory shut down completely (maggie's feet stopped smelling like fritos;), my chicken and apples tasted the same (they had NO taste), and my voice left the building. since then, i've been sneezing, wheezing, and coughing.

welcome to fall in the mid-west!!!

on the bright side of my predicament,
my diet has become much easier.
further, when this passes
(as it ALWAYS does:),
maybe... just maybe
i will welcome the flavors of
chicken and apples again...
or maybe not:b

i have only lost 2 lbs this week,
which means that my goal is shot
all to hell; dang it!!!
but, next week IS a NEW week:D

love and blessings,
dani xx


Jan said...

This is so funny. I know that certain foods are turning my stomache more now a days too. I hope that has solved the problems of understanding the sinuses. Have you ever heard of a little pot that you clean your sinuses out with? I have one. It really works.

I am glad the diet is working and that you can enjoy the food. Keep on Dani. That is so motivating to us all. You are always so sweet and kind. Thanks for always cheering me up. I love it.

I am liking this Sarah Palin. I watched her alot yesterday, and I really like her. She is actually motivating me again to watch the news. I was in a slump.

Kellan said...

Well - I guess I need to break me some taste buds - HA!

Have a good weekend, Dani - Kellan

Pete (Bib# 70) Hagen said...

I hope your taste buds heal!

Our Rag Weed is in bloom and we are all experiencing the dreaded sinus allergies. On the up side the weather is absolutely beautiful!

Keep up with the diet. Just imagine when you take a bite of your chicken you are biting into a great big ole juicy steak. Mind over taste buds!

Tabitha said...

Dani ~ we have so so much in common!! We even have the same toothbrush ha ha !! I have been wheezing and sneezing too and have not eaten at all today as my throat hurts and I just have no appetite either!!
Great for the diet ~ but I feel like c**p!!
2 pounds is alot better than I did last week ~ with my 1 pound (tee hee !!).
I have noticed that my tastes have changed alot since I have been dieting ~ things I used to love no longer hold any appeal!
Hope you will be back to normal soon!!
Take care my friend ~ love and a big hug XXXXXXX

Bren's Life said...

I can't believe you are still eating chicken & apples everyday.. Sheesh, but way to go on sticking with it & not giving up.
I would of never thought about my sinuses.
I saw that thing Jan is talking about on Oprah & thought that looks pretty cool.
Hope your feeling better soon.

SuzanSayz said...

Dani, I had no idea Janice had e-mailed you! She has some of the worst sinus problems of anyone I know. I hope you get things fixed. You are just cracking me up with your apple and chicken diet. I have thought of doing the just fruit diet. If I didn't need protien I think I would.

Lucy said...

Hi Dani, You are so funny. Seems like a good way to loose weight with none or very little taste buds. Congratulations on your weight loss, you are doing well.. As they say, any loss is better than none. As for Sarah Palin, I honestly think that a woman at the top is far better that a man. I am not a feminist, but see it all the time in government circles. I was always very interested in politics but have become very disillusioned of late. All promises and no deliveries. They all seem to be the same in that respect.
George and Lucy look so cute. Can we have more please? How is your John’s dairyair (backside) felling and has he invested in a gel seat?
Hope the Mobile phone problem with Katherine’s school is resolved so you can have some peace of mind. I think that if the school cannot guarantee the safety of your child then she should be allowed to carry it at all times.
Enough from me.
Sending you much love and hugs.

Amanda said...

Losing 2 lbs is good! Don't be too hard on yourself ~ you are doing great!!
The common cold/sinus problems must be going around. I have had a sore throat and sinus headache too :(
Your will power is great ~ i think i would have given up on the apples and chicken by now!
Amanda x

Little Sweethearts said...

I thought your post was funny, but I actually had to laugh out loud when I read Lucy's post about John's "Dairyair"! I thought what in the world is Dairy Air??? And then it hit me: she means derrière (French for backside). My mind works quickly (sometimes), so it went from dairyair to Dairy Air to dirty air and all that in relation to John's bum... Well, it just made me laugh.

I hope you feel better soon.

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh Dani you poor dear!

As I was reading I was thinking you must be so sick of your diet of chicken and apples your tastebuds may have just given up!

Get better soon,


dani said...

hi, jan:) i am going to have to check that little gadget out soon!!!
i wanted to let you know that stacy left a comment on my "who is" post. she lives in the same close-knit community and moves in the same circle with vp candidate palin if you would like to read what she has to say:)

dani said...

kellen all you need to do is take in a little ragweed;) HA!!! you have a great weekend as well.

dani said...

ha, shannan, it wouldn't matter what i imagined i was biting into... as it would all tast the same:S ragweed is our problem here, too...
i hope you are having a great long weekend. enjoy!!!

dani said...

tabitha, HA!!!, define "normal"!!!
is there ragweed in the uk??? evidently that is the culprit, here...
it is funny how much we have in common. i like it:D

dani said...

thank you, bren:)
yep, it is still apples and chicken with a little over a month to go. i told jan that i am going to have to look in to the sinus pot. i'm all for whatever will work:)

dani said...

hi, suz:)
yes, she emailed me... i thought it was the sweetest thing that she took the time to send me a helpful hint!!!
i'm cracking myself up on the diet, too!!! but, i really am still doing it (with very little moderation here and there:).
the fruit diet would be good for you... but, you're right; you would miss out on protein. maybe eat pb on your apples??? good luck!!!

dani said...

hi, miss lucy:)
wow, you have done a lot of reading!!! i'm so happy to hear from you (i was also soooooooooo happy to hear from my dear elise this morning via email as i was worried)!!!
my mosses were the stuff of which "sweet" is made:) i am just praying that my words can do them some sort of justice...
john's bum is much better thanks, tee-hee:b i gave him a gift certificate for his birthday for a new seat or padding; he just needs to SPEND it.
have a great week, sweet lady!!!

dani said...

two pounds is two pounds, amanda:) i know... i just don't want to look like a beached whale in a month from now when we go on vacation (GOd willing (hurricanes))!!!
i hope we all get over our sinus problems, soon!!!

dani said...

hey, tania:)
i love miss lucy she is always so sweet and funny... i cracked up too; now i'm laughing outloud at your train of thought, tee-hee:D
thank you for your well wishes!!!

dani said...

sweet em,
you may be right about my taste buds giving up on me... but, i've got to take the weight off that i put on this spring and summer!!! the meds i was taking caused me to pack on weight i didn't need!!!
have a lovely week:)

Cristin said...

Dani -
Thanks for your sweet words!
We are headed towards family...drier, higher, safter...

You are wonderful!

dani said...

oh, good, cristin!!! be safe and God speed:)