Tuesday, August 5, 2008

too hot to go to school...

as i was sitting in the car-rider line this afternoon, which i refer to as "purgatory", it seemed as though there had really been no summer break;
it just seemed like same-old-same-old only much hotter:S

the kids were 25 minutes late being released.
i began to wonder if the school was going to release them at all.
finally, i saw katherine and hannah heading my way:)
they got in the jeep, and i asked them why they were so late.

katherine said it was because of the heat index alert.
evidently, there was a bus running really late,
and the school didn't want the kids out in the heat waiting.

that was very interesting to me
given the fact that i'd just gotten off the phone
with 'the anonymous d', who told me there was no
air-conditioning at elizabeth katherine's
school, today!!!

our heat index reading reached nearly 110 degrees f.
and, we have been under an ozone alert as well.

in my opinion, our kids shouldn't start school
in august unless ALL air conditioning units
are up and working!!!

the safety and health engineer in me says,

i hope the problem is rectified SOON!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx


SuzanSayz said...

That is just plain scary, Dani. I would refuse to send my child to school with that kind of heat and no air conditioning. I sure hope little Elizabeth Katherine is ok.

Jan said...

This could be a very heated topic for sure.

Seriously Dani, what are they thinking? I am so surprised that they could get away with that. I would say something. If someone has high blood pressure or diabetes and such, that is really seriously wrong to get them heated up. Yikes. They could be in a little trouble. Sorry about your experience in purgatory ;)

Tabitha said...

Goodness ~ you sure are having the heat over there!! AND US??? We are still having the rain over here!! There is absolutely no chance of any over heating here this week!!!
Hope the first day back was ok for Kat and Hannah ~ apart from the heat of course!!
Sending you love and a huge big hug T xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

dani said...

i was talking to ek's mama when she called her after being picked up from school. all was well, and her grandmommie was taking her to the swimming pool.
but it IS very hot. i took maggie out a while ago and literally broke into a full sweat just standing there waiting for her to do her business. the humidity is so blasted high, too:S
i hope they get the ac fixed soon as there's not a whole lot of relief in sight...

Jennifer H said...

I don't think it's legal to let the kids in school like that. Our kids got sent home one day because the a/c went out.
Didn't they have all summer to make sure things were right? Duh?

I'm sending you cooling thoughts!

dani said...

jan, i am really surprised they allowed the kids at that particular elementary school to come to class. if it were to have happened say the middle of next week (and not the first day of school), i think a different decision would have been made...
i hope all is well and that the ac will be running soon:/

dani said...

it is just plain HOT, tabitha!!! miserably HOT!!! i wish we could share and have a happy medium with you all:)
katherine and hannah seemed to have had a relatively good day. they have all classes together with the exception of one... go figure:b

dani said...

jennifer, i didn't think it was legal either. but, we shall see what comes of it:? yes, they have had all summer, and evidently the principal directing the parents to call and email the correct person at our central office of education to get it fixed!!!
thank you for your cool thoughts. our ac is woking well:D

Tanya said...

I know exactly what you mean Dani! Our kids don't have a/c in their schools, our summer officially starts Dec. 1st our kids break up mid Dec. for summer holidays, we then send them back end of Jan smack bang in the middle of our summer, & it gets so hot for them & then it's hard for them to concentrate on their school work, something needs to be done for our kids, the administration staff have a/c why not our children!! Hope Kat's first day back wasn't all bad :) stay cool now!!

Tanya xxxx

dani said...

hi, tanya:) katherine had a pretty good first day, i think... i am surprised that your schools aren't air conditioned. it's the law here unless schools start in early fall (and some do). do your temps near the 100 degrees f mark??? it's really something that your administration has it but the kids and their teachers don't. i'm with you; that doesn't seem right at all???
have a great day:D

caitlin said...

@ poor Kate in the hot hot school: that is absolutely ridiculous! The kids weren't allowed outside for recess today because of the heat. WHY would they be allowed to sit in a hot hot school? CRAZY!

And I'm with you, Dani. That car-rider lane is absolutely atrocious. Gah...

dani said...

yeah, caitlin, it makes no sense at all. the high school wouldn't even let the high school kids stand out under an awning to wait for a bus, but they sent the kids to jefferson with no air. d said grandmommie was wheezing really badly from just being out during the ozone alert today. jefferson i guess had the windows open... so much for the kids with allergies and the such???
i hope they have air tomorrow:D

Michelle A. said...

We are lucky lately to break 70 degrees! I remember when I lived in the Mojave desert, it was hot all the time - you must be hating life right now! I can't believe they would allow kids to be in these classrooms with that kind of heat and no air? What are they thinking? I hope things improve.

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

AMEN, sister! I've never understood why they feel the need to start so early. The kids don't start out here until September. Tell Miss K to drink plenty of water--at least they let them have water bottles now.

dani said...

i was really surprised, too, michelle??? when i was a little girl we had air conditioning; but, many times the school would shut it off before the summer had really ended (we would have days here and there that would be uncomfortable).
but with all the health regulations now, i cannot believe they made the kids go.
i wonder what tomorrow will bring??? a cold front is moving through with thunderstorms, but it looks like it's still going to be pretty sultry.
wow, if you aren't breaking 70 degrees, that is rather cool... i'm still voting for a happy medium like 82, 83'ish. but, my vote's not getting counted, ha!!!

dani said...

christina, katherine was fine... county had air. it was jefferson that was without:S but, yes, they are allowed to take drinks to class at the high school.
an august return is crazy... until october rolls around then we are happy, happy, happy to vacate for fall break:D
after while spotted crocodile:b

Amanda said...

That's terrible. The kids shouldn't have to sit all day in that heat without A/C. The kids shouldn't be there until it's fixed. I don't know if it's the same in America, but over here we have a crazy law which means if it gets cold and the temp falls below a certain temp in school/work etc. you get sent home. But there is no such thing if the temp gets too high. I'd rather be cold and wrapped up than too hot!
Hope the problem is fixed pronto.
Amanda xx

dani said...

i hope it is fixed, too, amanda. we have laws/rules as well... actually, when our temps fall below a certian level or if they are forecasted to, school is cancelled here also.
i'm not sure that by law they should/shouldn't have gone yesterday. but, i would say that it opened the school system up for a big liability suit had the children gotten ill from the heat and humidity...

Anonymous said...

An update - Elizabeth Katherine's school now has a/c - it was wonderfully cool this morning (Wednesday!).
Anonymous d

dani said...

i just sent you an email, 'ad'... i'm soooooooooooooooo happy to hear the ac is up and running. those poor kids yesterday:[

Weith Kick said...

That's not right, kids going to school with no a/c.

dani said...

you've got that right, wk!!! at least when it's been as hot as it has been...

Bren's Life said...

Wow! No is the humidity high there too? I can't even imagine. I remember when my kids started school last year in Aug. they kept complaining for over a month how hot it was at school.. The air cond. was broke & of course it's always over 110' here..
I hope her school gets it fixed.

dani said...

bren, the humidity was extremely high (in the 90 percentile range) on tuesday. that's why we were under a heat advisory and ozone alert. i've never experience "dry-heat". with the humidity we have, i can walk outside and break into an automatic sweat... NICE, huh:?

MoziEsmé said...

I thought that was the purpose of summer vacation - so kids didn't melt at school! I think they need to be longer . . .

dani said...

hi, esme's mum:)
they really should have had the ac working... it was not a very good situation!!!