Wednesday, August 13, 2008

j.k. rowling ALWAYS makes me laugh...

(tampon angel i found on google images)

i was just over at juz's blog and read that j.k. rowling is coming out with a new book in december.

as soon as i read the author's name a big, dorky smile came to my face.
then i literally laughed aloud:D

several years ago, john, katherine and i were returning from vacation and were driving through nashville, tn. i turned around to katherine (who was sitting in the back seat of the van) and asked her if she wanted to go at midnight to get the harry potter book that was coming out that night.

she said she did and that she wanted me to call the notorious d to see if she and will (kat's bf) wanted to join us.

i called and d said, "are you kidding??? go at midnight???"

"yes," i replied. "i thought we'd go for the experience and in order to make a memory."

after a moment of hesitation, she asked again if i were really serious. i assured her i was. "ok," she gave in, "we'll go with you..."

anyway, we picked them up and headed to walmart with an hour to spare. we were probably one of the first 10 or 15 people to get there for the book. the cashiers had us all stand in a group in the middle of the store.

after about 30 minutes, d and i got tired of standing; so, we went over and were leaning against a bunch of unopened boxes full of things that needed to be stocked. we'd only been standing there for a few minutes when this goofy guy walked up to us.

he began to shove his glasses up(which were barely hanging on to the end of his nose) with his pointer finger; and as he did so, he looked at d and me and said in his goofy voice, "so, i guess we are all here for the same thing???"

d and i just smiled and pleasantly nodded. he stood there awkwardly for a few minutes and then went on his way...

d started laughing (she was cracking herself up;)!!!

"what???" i asked.

she pointed to the box behind us. it was a box of always feminine pads... she then began to laugh hysterically. "iii should have HAHAHAHAA... told that guy that i didn't know what he was here for but that we were here waiting for HAHAHAHA snort, snort (yes she did!!! HA!!!) the always with wings!!!"

i thought i was going to wet myself!!!

katherine turned around and naively said, "huh???"


the notorious d had already moved to florida before the next book was released...

so, katherine and i went by ourselves.

on our way to walmart katherine said
"mom call miss dana and ask her if she's at walmart right now waiting for...

(she was a little confused about always with wings,
me thinks;)


i love that daughter of mine!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx

***megan sent me this commercial i had to add it... as it is friggin' hysterical!!!



Kellan said...

J.K. Rowling makes my twins smile too - BIG SMILES - THEY LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!! This was such a cute post - so funny!

Take care - see you - Kellan

Robin said...

hahahaha! funny!!

Jan said...

You guys are so funny. Love that story of the tampons. Flying ones with wings. Love it. Cute Dani.

I am calling you a granny smith with tail feathers. LOL.. You are so funny.

Little Sweethearts said...

Ha, now I know who kept your e-mails: it's the Flying Tampon Brigade!!!


Tania aka Queen Susan the Gentle

Tanya said...

Hi Dani, there never seems to be a dull moment with you guys!! Love the flying tampon story... too cute!!!

Have a great Thursday :)

tanya xoxo

Tabitha said...

What a funny story Dani!!
We went to get the last Harry Potter book here at Waterstones bookshop at midnight ~ all the children dressed as witches and wizards ~ it was great!! Luckily ~ as it was a bookstore ~ there were no other distractions ha ha !!
I must admit ~ when I saw the picture of the tampon angel ~ I did wonder what that had to do with jk rowling ~ now I know ha ha !!

meganxxx said...

I laughed soo much at this post Dani-mostly because it reminded me of this ad we have over here for tampons. Watch this!!!

BTW we are huuuge Harry Potter fans in this house too-Rohan especially is devastated that there are no more to come :(

Have a great night
Love Meganxx

Anonymous said...

I just kinda fell onto your blog this morning. Strange how these things happen, and my doctor keeps blaming it on vertigo. Glad that I landed here, safely on top of the tampon angel.

Amanda said...

I'll never look at a box of always or a Harry Potter book the same way again!! Thanks for the laugh Dani ~ i wish i was there!

dani said...

hi, kellan:)
have they seen the tag for her new book??? it may make them smile as well!!!
have a great day:D

dani said...

katherine's naivity is usually cause for laughter... she can come up with some doozies:b
have a lovely day:D

dani said...

jan, even funnier when i googled "tampon" the angel one with wings was one of the first that i saw!!! i was actually going to take an image of a regular old tampon through paint and add wings...
when i saw the tampon angel i totally cracked up!!!

dani said...

you are right, tania, it probably was the flying tampons and the poor pigs got blamed, HA!!!
hope you are having a lovely evening:D
ps you really do look like queen susan, you sweet and gentle girl you!!!

dani said...

you would think that with just the three of us living here life would be pretty dull on a regular basis. but, the truth is that it is anything but MOST OF THE TIME!!!
i love my life... the good, the bad, and the hilarious!!!
sweet dreams, dear t:D

dani said...

hey, tab:D
the first couple of times we went, i felt that katherine was too young to go without me (i TOTALLY DON'T LIKE CROWDS!!!), so we just went to walmart.
when the last one was released, i took katherine and hannah over to barnes and noble to meet up with their peasants. they stayed for the party, then i picked them up later. that party was full of costumed people of all ages... CRAZY!!!
i bet in england it was so much more fun for you all!!!
lastly, wouldn't jk rowling love that she is linked to feminine pads and flying tampons??? ROTFLMAO!!!

dani said...

megan... EVERYONE has better commercials than we do!!! that is hysterical!!! what do you want to bet "mini" would have been closer to the right size!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!
thank you for sharing:D

dani said...

hi, dana:) so happy you landed!!! how about the tampon angel, lol!!!
have a great day:D

dani said...

hey, amanda, i wish you were too. it ought to be an interesting afternoon. katherine informed me yesterday afternoon that chico and his friend spiller are going to wax their backs here afer school:I
i told her they had to do it on the back deck!!! ouch!!!

Weith Kick said...

Tampon Angel! You're scaring me, Dani!

Harry Potter is big in our house. I haven't read any of the books, yet. One of these days. But my wife's a huge Potter fan.

dani said...

wk, it's not MY "tampon angel", lmao!!! but, i found it to be perfect for the post:b

Anonymous said...

This it is hilarious dani :)))

I wish, wish, wish we had Walmart here:(

I wish we had cinnamon gum here (insert loud sobbing)

I wish we had Peanut butter m&ms here (insert hysterical wailing)


Enjoy your day lovely lady xxxxx

Vanessa xxxxx

SuzanSayz said...

That was a really good story. I love JK Rawling. She is not just a good writer, she is a writer that people will still be reading 100 years from now. She deserves to be counted among the greatest authors in History.

dani said...

vanessa, if you will email me your address, i'd be more than happy to send you some cinnamon chewing gum:)

dani said...

oh, suz, i think rowling has a "lock" on going down in history as one of the greats!!! i am anxious to see what she does futuristically:)

dani said...
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Purple Teacup said...

I am glad I went potty before I read this. LOL

dani said...

shannon, i'm glad i pottied before katherine and i left that night!!!
she's a hoot:D

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh isn't that just the best ad, Craig never got it until it was explained to him!!

Bren's Life said...

Too funny! Sounds like you guys make midnight shopping a blast. I went to Walmart at midnight for that book & the next & then the "Breaking Dawn" book. And I can say there was no fun like that there...

dani said...

hey, em:) that is hilarious that you had to explain it to him!!! did he crack up???

dani said...

d and i get so slap happy that we end up making our own fun... and we are the 12am walmart shopper-type;b

Dana said...

OK...that made me laugh AGAIN!! Goof balls is what we are especially if we are in WalMart...OK, I canNOT tell what the guy is saying in the commercial!!! Help me usual.'l, D

dani said...

"goof-balls" pretty much sums us up, d:b and i'll call you on the commercial:)