Wednesday, August 27, 2008

walking a little funny...

(a close-up of our contention)

well, john informed me last week that he was going to take a little trip on his motorcycle...

"are you going to ride the natchez trace?" i asked.

he looked at me a little puzzled and responded, "yes, how did you know?"

"well, mom said something to me about it," i said. "i was wondering when you were going to let me in on it."
(i knew he would wait til the last minute so that i wouldn't have time to do much objecting;)

"oh," he continued, " dale and i are going to leave on saturday morning; and i'll be back on tuesday."

at least he wasn't going by himself!!!
(an idea he'd recently vocalized)
now, i'm not really sure if he was ever really thinking about going by himself or if he just threw that idea out there so that when he told me he was going with dale i would think that him travelling with someone would be the better of the two ideas or not; but, it wouldn't surprise me, ha!!!

anyway, i didn't object...

but, i told him on thursday night that he needed a gel seat if he was going to be riding that great a distance and that it looked like hurricane fay was going to be affecting the area to which he and dale were heading.

"eh, we'll be ok, he replied, "and i don't need anything for my seat. i'm used to it now. it won't bother me."
he left first thing saturday morning.

quick phone log...

saturday night: we made it!!! in one piece!!!
(in other words, he told me so.)

sunday night: ummm, i think we're going to head towards knoxville tomorrow because hurricane fay is not going to allow us to go down into louisianna. we were only able to bike about 75 miles today because of all the rain...
(in other words, you told me so;)

monday: well, we are in alabama. did you see all the tornado warnings out for here??? but, we're ok; you don't need to worry...
(in other words, YOU TOLD ME SO!!!;)


i heard him pulling into the drive way last night.

i met him at the front door where he greeted me with a kiss.

then i turned around to follow him into the house. he was walking a little funny...
(actually a whole lot funny;)
the next thing i knew, he was rubbing his bum...

picture: the brady bunch, alice after her mule ride down into the grand canyon!!!

"i'm going to get me a different seat before i do THAT again," he announced.


i'll tell you when...

bless his sore bum:b

love and blessings,
dani xx


Jan said...

The all knowing Dani. And he didn't bite. Well he has been bit by the bum burn though.

How scary. Really. I do not like to have my family gone while there is multiple storms brewing. I am so glad he returned home safely though. What a relief. Maybe he will heed a wife's counsel next time. Maybe not though :P They forget hardships pretty fast.

Have a great day Dani.

Amanda said...

Will you have to rub that sore bottom better!!?? :D tee-hee!
They will never listen to us, will they?!
I'm just glad he is home safe. You must have been so worried with all the bad weather he came across.
Maybe, just maybe, he will listen to you next time!
Amanda xx

Cheri and Jesse said...

I am totally picturing Alice on the Brady Bunch now. I'm sure that John was dressed a bit better than Alice. Glad to hear that he made it back in one piece. Have verbalized your, "I told you so" moment to him yet?

SuzanSayz said...

When will these silly men ever learn? The Wife is ALWAYS RIGHT!!!

Tabitha said...

Oh Dani ~ that is the funniest post that I have read in a long time!! The words "I told you so" would have been ready on my lips tee hee!!!
Bless his sore bum ~ at least he is home safe and sound!!
I have this image in my head of the brady bunch scene now ~ I keep thinking of it and laughing (hope the neighbours don't hear me ~ they will think I have gone mad ha ha !!! ~ oh no ~ they know I am mad already!!!!).
love and hugs to you (tell John I hope his bum is all better soon ~ tee hee!!) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Ginny said...

Great minds....I saw the harley logo and your title and was already picturing Alice. We think too much alike!! love,gin

MoziEsmé said...

At least you can't feel guilty about the funny walk! :)

dani said...

ha, jan!!! it's called the weather channel and his bum experience riding just 4 hours the last time he got a sore bottom!!!
love, dani

dani said...

amanda, i was concerned:o
but, i am quite certain he won't listen to me the next time either:S

dani said...

cheri, i haven't verbalized it because.....
and, that is much better than me saying it, ha!!!

dani said...

suz, they will NEVER learn that we are ALWAYS right, ha!!! (unfortunately for them;)

dani said...

tabitha, i watched him and just laughed (to myself) at how he was walking all "gimped up" like her, hahahahahahaaa!!!
that's my boy:b

dani said...

we always have, gin:) i know you by heart...

dani said...

Bahahahahaha, j!!! you are right... and i don't:D

meganxxx said...

Thats so funny Dani and typical of all men the world over i bet!

Glad he is home in one piece safe and well-even if he is walking abit funny!!!

Take care

Jen said...

They don't ever listen but at least you can say i told you so!

Bren's Life said...

Isn't it Great being Right.... That is just too funny that you were right about it all & he just couldn't say it.
I love the Alice memory...

Christy said...

That is what he gets for not listening to his extremely intelligent wife:)

dani said...

hey, megan:)
you are right... very typical!!!
his gait was looking more normal today, ha:D

dani said...

hi, jen:) so happy to have you back and hope your trip was lovely!!!
(btw... i LOVE being right, HA!!!)

dani said...

bren, i could even hear the background brady bunch music playing in my head as he "mosied" through the dining room, tee-hee:D

dani said...

i totally agree, christy!!! hahahahahaha!!!

linda said...

The writing was on the wall on both counts. When will they ever learn to listen to us...we are all knowing, don't they know that!?!

I'm so glad he's home safe and sound!

juz said...

LOL LOL LOL!!! Of course you knew better!!! :) Glad he had a wonderful time and arrived home safe and sound.

Little Sweethearts said...

Did mummy kiss the boo-boo away?

Sometimes it's great to be able to say "I told you so", but on the other hand, it usually means that something went wrong (or at least not as you had envisaged).

PS: thanks for commenting on my "guest post" on the flipside! I told K. about your comment, but all I got was a little smile... Ah men, they usually listen to their mind.

Tanya said...

Oh they will never listen, will they!! LOL! I'm glad he is home safe & sound!! I hope he is feeling better :) now maybe next time he will take your advice!! LOL!

t. xxx

Dana said...

Like the mule Alice rode on, "It was a sore ASS!" Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
l, D

Anonymous said...

It always surprises me when WE"RE right so many times and they still don't figure it out to just listen to us the first time!

I love the visual of Alice. I totally remember that episode.

I'm glad John and his sore bum got home safely

Jen said...

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