Saturday, October 11, 2008

where's dan-o???

(click photo to enlarge;)

can you find me in this photo taken just a little over 20 years ago???

i was there...
wouldn't have missed it for the world:)

love and blessings,
dani (aka, "dan-o") xx


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Hmmmmm..front row, green sweatshirt?
I say her because she has great smile (like you!) :)

Kat said...
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Kat said...

is it the second row sitting next to some blonde haired have a white sweatshirt on...???

haha idk, but it looks like you


dani said...

no, to you both!!! too funny that you don't know your own mom, kat:b

Hannah said...

I want to say 1st row, far left, white sweat shirt. It's fuzzy on my computer, so I can't see it well, but it looks like you.

Tabitha said...

I think that you are on the front row, second from the left (as I am looking at the picture ~ with a sleeveless white top on!!) ~ it is a bit fuzzy ~ but that looks like you!!! (I think.....maybe ha ha !!)
love and big hugs XXXXXXXXXXXX

Amanda said...

Gosh, i don't know which one you are!!!
Will you please let me know ASAP!!!
Amanda x

Bren's Life said...

Heck- the picture is blurry to me or maybe it's my eyes. But I have no clue!

Jan said...

I am sticking with Tabitha on this one. That is where I put you at too.

dani said...

nope, no one has picked the real me, yet:b

Tanya said...

I was going to pick the same girl Tabitha did! are you right up the back in the middle?? I have looked at this for too long lol!!

t. xxxxx

linda said...

Just a guess but I'd say first row, second from the left!?!

Little Sweethearts said...

My guess was the same as Tabitha's, but apparently that's not right!

The picture is fuzzy on my screen too, so I can't see the eyes. I think the eyes would give you away.

PS: You are not hiding BEHIND the camera are you?!?

E and T said...

Hi Dani

Like Tabitha, Jan, Tanya and Tania I was sure you were in the front row, second in from the left. But I see from your comments that I am wrong. Mmmmmm, I've since gone back to the picture and can't even have a second guess as I don''t think anyone else there looks like you at all.

Very intriguing! Which one is you??? I guess all will be revealed in time (and I'm looking forward to it).

Hope you are having a great weekend my friend.

Lots of love

Tabitha said...

I officially give in (ha ha ) have had a very close (if somewhat blurry) look and if that isn't you at the front ~ I am stumped!!
Please put us all out of our misery soon ha ha !!