Thursday, October 2, 2008

13 things thursday...

1. i could see my breath in this morning's brisk, fall air:)
2. i am really enjoying my facebook account...
3. look me up, i'd love to "chat" with you:D
4. we have decided NOT to head to florida next week due to petrol shortages.
5. john made me a WHOLE pot of coffee this morning...
6. hence, he must be hoping for a "thursday accomplishment":?
7. i'll endeavor not to let him down... LAUNDRY!!!
8. john is getting ready to celebrate 35 years with "his company":)
9. in 35 years, he has only ever taken 2 "sick days"...
10. my guy is an OVER ACHIEVER, tee-hee!!!
11. my cats got a reprieve... and a new litter box:]
12. i still have 35 pounds to lose...
13. obviously, my diet didn't go as planned!!!.

love and blessings,
dani xx


Jan said...

Love that picture Dani. I love the crisp air of Fall. Everyone is talking about Facebook lately. Something I am not familiar with. I should see it.

John is a keeper for sure. And congrats on the 35 years. Wow. You are beautiful as you are miss dani.

Jenn said...

You're a posting mad woman this week. I can't keep up with you.

Only 2 sick days? That's impressive.

Don't worry about those 30 lbs. They just love you and don't want to leave you!

Have a fun day in the cool weather.

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

i think i'm going to have to go into therapy for my facebook addiction. it's like all of my friends live right inside my computer!

Christy said...

35 years! That is impressive. My husband switches companies every 4 or 5 years.

SuzanSayz said...

That is really good about your guy being with the same company for 35 years. Mine will celebrate 31 years at the end of October. And Dani, I know that we all feel we will never be perfect, (boy do I know that feeling) but every picture I see of you, I think, "my gosh Dani is so stinkin cute". I'm not saying quit trying to lose weight, I'm simply saying, even if you never do it won't be a huge deal because you are lovely just the way you are.

Little Sweethearts said...

35 years and only 2 sick days, wow, he must really ♥ his job! And he must really ♥ you too, since he did make you a WHOLE pot of coffee!! :)

About your 'lake' post: at least you didn't think it was a goat!! haha

Love and plenty of hugs since I havn't been able to check up on you guys as much as I would have liked to (due to parent committee meeting, broken adaptor and Etsy, to name a few)

Bren's Life said...

Wow only 2 days sick.. My husband is the same way...

Amanda said...

It's getting so cold here too!
Wow, only 2 sick days, that's great going! A whole pot of coffee?? That's love!! haha!
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

We had the same weather here this morning ~ we were all wrapped up for the school run ~ gloves, hats, scarfs and winter coats ~ it did warm up later in the day though!!!
Your hubby is soooo good only having those 2 days off in all that time!
I am sorry that you are not heading off on your holidays after all ~ will you get away at another time? The next break that we will take will be christmas!!

Tanya said...

35 years & only 2 sick days... now that's what I call dedication! Lucky girl a whole pot of coffee! I'm about ready for another coffee myself, it sucks waking up early on holidays.. sometimes! don't worry about your weight girlfriend... it will go!! it's amazing to think you guys are getting ready for the cold & we're getting ready for the heat, although it's still quite cool at night here & some of our days are chilly! but the heat is coming :)

have a lovely afternoon/night :)

t. xxx

juz said...

Im on facebook too!! :) It's sooo dangerous!

Have a really wonderful Friday Dani!! xo