Thursday, September 6, 2007

the fabric of my life...

as i lie here in my bed with my lap-top, i realize how much pleasure i get from that which is soft:
brand-new, cotton, jersey sheets that are on my bed (laundered, fluffed, and smelling "april fresh").
a floppy puppy who has wiggled her way under my covers and is lying against my leg.

my cotton polo t-shirt,
which has been washed,
"downy'ed", and dried
at least a million times.

my flannel, Christmas,
pajama bottoms
i wear year-round.

my down pillows...
6 of them 
in a variety of firmness-es.

soft is never over-rated!

other soft things i dig big...

the memory of the touch
of my mamaw's hands...
the nape of katherine's new-born neck,
brookstone blankets,

katherine's baby blanket,
which lay atop my mosses
keeping him warm
in an otherwise,
very cold hospital room.

my kitties' bellies,
down comforters,
baby-knit sweaters,

downy'ed towels,
babies' face washcloths,
just-shaved legs,
katherine's hair.

 the soft kiss on the cheek
john gives me
each morning before he leaves for work.
thank You, God,
for all the soft things in my life...
most importantly,
the soft embrace You give me
when i need it most...

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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