Monday, November 12, 2007

teriyaki chicken, fall cleaning, and the diet-cherry limeade i never got...

this weekend went by very quickly... friday night i went to rookies and had the usual (minus the zin)... teriyaki chicken, veggies, and a plain, baked potato. yes, the teriyaki chicken made getting on and off my rings basically impossible!!! it was one of my best friends, joyce's, birthday. unbelievably, she was 70!!! you'd never know it, though; the secret is, she doesn't either. i thought she was going to literally puke when she opened her card, which had a large "70" on the front. she said it was the first time she'd seen it in print. LOL!!!
saturday, i did it!!! i awoke and decided that it was time to start my fall cleaning. don't get me wrong; i'm not the type to do spring nor fall cleaning on a regular basis... i don't think i've done fall cleaning since my niemeier's "adios, amigos" party 4 years ago, which means i haven't gotten my new "yearly blinds" since then, either. that reminds me, i need to measure tomorrow. anyway, i did put a small dent in things around here. i've always heard getting started is the hardest part. for me, however, figuring out WHERE to start is my problem.
about that diet cherry-limeade... so, i was cleaning, dust was flying, and i was so thirsty. i asked john if he would go to sonic and get me my drink of choice. he laughed and said that his finger hurt, it was too late, and lamest of all that if he were me he'd just drink a glass of tap. what a turd!!! i HATE tap water!!!
love and God's blessings,

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Moonpie said...

Tap!! That's hilarious!!! Saw on oprah where this guy said to go through your house with 2 trash bags and fill them up---per day. One for the garbage, one for Goodwill...maybe I'll try it ;) D