Saturday, January 17, 2009

what to do...

with over a half box of reese's puffs???

yes, you new lovers of reese's cups...
there is cereal, too:P

(gabe, my little consumer)

you see...
most every morning for the two months leading up to
Christmas break,
chico and gabe showed up at our house early
so that i would take them to school.

(chico's parking privileges had been revoked for parking
in unauthorized parking spots so as not to be late to class;)

every morning, gabe came in and prepared himself a bowl of
reese's cup cereal, ate, and then requested that i let
him use our mouth wash:? around thanksgiving, gabe informed me
that "we" were out of cereal and that i needed to replenish
the supply, ha!!!

i did... i also bought him his own bottle of scope!!!

then, when he returned to school after the break, chico decided to pay his fines so that he could get his parking privileges reinstated...
which left me with cereal i don't eat:/

anyway to answer my own question...

i guess i'll feed it to the squirrels:D
they will totally be doing the happy dance in my back yard!!!

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps. i actually kind of miss taking all my funny little
people to school in the mornings... it was never dull;)

(chico and katherine)


Tabitha said...

OMG Dani ~ they make cereal too!!! YUMMY!!!!! I know a very good home for it Tee Hee ~ just post it over here and I will eat it (stuff the diet ha ha !!).........
That picture of Chico and kat has cracked me up ~ he looks like he has just woken up and Kat is giving
him 'THAT' look bahahahahaha!!!!
Love and big hugs Tab XXXXXXXXXX

Amanda said...

Post some of that cereal to me too...please???!
That picture is so funny! Chico looks so much like he has just got up out of bed LOL!
Hope your having a nice weekend,
Amanda x

Little Sweethearts said...

Soon you'll have all the animals (as in 'Over the hedge') coming to your home to steal all your food!

I hope those squirrels aren't anything like Hammy from that movie, 'cuz they might go a little crazy with all that extra sugar!


Christy said...

Those are some lucky squirrels!

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Make marshmallow's treats with them instead of rice crispies. Then have Katherine hand them out to friends or you could hand them out to neighbors

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Ok, I meant marshmallow, not marshmallow's. ;P

Lisa said...

Yum.... Reeses puffs.....Love them...but I haven't let my children ever try them for fear that they won't go back to Cheerios!

Bren's Life said...

Blah! Not a big Peanut butter & chocolate person... That's so funny that he just helped himself & let you know when you were out. You should give the box to Katherine & she can give it to him for Valentines from you with the rest of his Scope...

::Jan:: said...

Scope after that cereal is just not sounding very good right now. My daughter loves that though. How fun for you as a mom and you will have such fond memories of that little journey with them.

Anonymous said...

It's like the old preschool days of driving back and forth from school! Annoying and awesome all at the same time!

I'd send the box to school with Katherine. He could buy a 1/2 pint of milk and have it for lunch.

Lucy said...

Dani, You must be very welcoming to katherine's friends, Gabe sounds very much at home, especially requiring mouth wash after his breakfast. Very funny young man. Love the picture of Catherine and Chico. Looks like he is getting 'the look.' I hope the weather warms up for you. It is the total oppisite here. We have had very hot days. Thank goodness that I work in air conditioning and also have our houme air/condt.
Love and hugs XXXXOOOO

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Put it in little ziplock bags and send it to him at school for snacks!

juz said...

-24, did i read correctly?? MINUS 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
No wonder you're all in bed together!!! How on earth do you make it outside the house???????

I cannot FATHOM weather that cold!!!

OK - enough of the shouting from me! LOL!

I love your post about the cereal lol! Aren't kids so funny!!!!!

Have a wonderful WARM winter week!!

PS - You've not seen the state of my house! If you'd seen that you would see how I get so much done outside the house, Im never home to clean it and when I am home Im too buggered to clean it! LOL xo

SuzanSayz said...

This is just too weird. I was going to leave the exact SAME comment that my daughter Heidi made, suggesting you make marshmallow treats out of them and have Katherine hand them out to friends. LOL!
And Heidi thinks she's nothing like me?

Leslie said...

you are always so uplifting and i am grateful to you for what you write.
thank you so much for your loving words... always...
with love...
leslie *

Tanya said...

Cereal too!! probably a very good thing I can't get it here then LOL! I bet the squirrels will love you forever!! I hope you are keeping warm my friend!!


t. xxxx