Friday, November 27, 2009

top 25 Christmas movies on the lane...

(young at heart)

this is perhaps a bit of a continuation of my last post;

for, it was several days ago while ordering more Christmas movies to add to my ever-growing collection that i became nostalgic and started reminiscing about my "wgn days gone by"...

i have quite a collection of movies in my library.
now, i'm going to share with you 25 of my all-time favorites.

(a few are subject to change... as i have yet to watch several (the bishop's wife, white Christmas, holiday inn, four Christmases, ernest saves Christmas, and Christmas vacation II) that i recently purchased. ha, i don't expect the latter two to put a dent in my list; but one never knows!)

the following is my compilation.
they are in NO order.

  1. miracle on 34th street no one has ever captured the essence of santa quite like edmund gwenn.
  2. the bells of st. mary's in my opinion, the best bing crosby movie of all time.
  3. it's a wonderful life two words... jimmy stewart:)
  4. a Christmas story you'll shoot your eye out, kid.
  5. rudolph the red-nosed reindeer claymation at its best... i don't recall ever missing this tv Christmas special. burl ives rocks!!!
  6. heidi only shirley temple's version for me.
  7. a Christmas carol love them ALL and hope to see disney's most recent 3-d adaptation of this Christmas classic.
  8. how the grinch stole Christmas dr. suess' tv version captures this story best; however, the big screen adaptation is beautiful!
  9. the family stone teaches us to be ourselves... to let our freak flags fly!
  10. the holiday i see glimpses of myself in this movie. i also see glimpses of my mosses:)
  11. Christmas vacation Everyone should have an aunt bethany, no!!?!?
  12. elf well, son of a nutcracker:P
  13. young at heart the sweetest holiday musical EVER!!!
  14. the bishop's wife swoon!!! cary grant WAS an angel in disguise:P
  15. a charlie brown Christmas see number 5.
  16. just friends a movie to lighten up the holiday; sure to make you giggle and some of you blush...
  17. the little princess see number 6
  18. annabell's wish a lovely newer animation with a deer sentiment.
  19. Christmas in connecticut the black and white version for me!
  20. the lost angel margaret o'brien WILL steal your heart!!!
  21. little women see number 20.
  22. stepmom "a caterpillar doesn't die, it changes into a butterfly, the same way i am going to change my form and be a caterpillar in your memory..."
  23. the santa clause who didn't want a mystery date game!!?!?
  24. funny farm another chevy chase, holiday must-see, imo:)
  25. Giant though not a Christmas movie, i love this epic movie and always set aside a day (usually thanksgiving) during the holiday season to watch this as well as number 13:)))
love and God's blessings,
dani xx

***update... the bishop's wife could have easily knocked about five movies from the list above, though it only had to replace one;))) and, it did!!!


Sally said...

What a great list of movies, Dani; you could watch around the clock!! :)

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. (((hugs)))

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Great list-- the new Christmas Carol is wonderful but a bit scary!
No "Holiday Inn" ?

Tabitha said...

Yay ~ It feels like Christmas now ~ I love the blog background and the movie list ~ think it might be time for a christmas countdown on my blog!
I have seen some of the films that you listed but not all ~ so I will try and see some of them!
love and hugs Tab xx

Heidi D said...

I will definitely have to check some of those out. I've seen most of them and I really like most of them too.

I wish I'd have had a Frazier Thomas growing up. I would've loved him. :)

I did get up extra early in the morning just so I could watch Bozo the Clown. I LOVED the Bozo Show...LOVED. I wanted so badly to go and see it live and then get picked for the bucket game. I hope someday I'll get to see reruns or something.

I like to think that when we get to heaven, they'll have a channel of all of your childhood favorites. :))

Anonymous said...

Agree with all of those I know of. See some I have not seen. Guess I will give them a try.

Ginny said...

Love the list. Don't think Four Christmases will make the list. Love Vince Vaughn but that movie was bad.

Blog Writer said...
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Nibby Priest said...

Thanks Dani for a great list. We checked out from The Family Stone and loved it. All because of your recomendation. I am going to tweet out your blog right now for others that might be looking for a GREAT Christmas movie! Well done!

The Chauffeur said...

dani, dani, dani... you forgot star wars.

Bren's Life said...

Love Christmas movies!! The music everything!!!

Anonymous said...

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