Monday, March 15, 2010


i haven't been blogging regularly...

seasons 1-6.5 of grey's anatomy... this topic probably deserves a whole post of it's own or maybe even a book, ha! but, i'll just say that john gave me season 1 for Christmas. hooked, i have since purchased all the available seasons!
(katherine and i have now watched 111 episodes.)


Dani Drury Berrong

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facebook... i have fb'ed for a long time (during which time i continued to blog religiously... at first). now that many of my blogger friends have also started fb'ing, this is how i have chosen to keep up with them.
(i'm being lazy!)

mario... yep, super mario bros. for the wii was another of my Christmas presents. (lol, this also deserves its very own post.) my name is dani, and i am a nerd; i have always been!!!

(for those of you who are also nerds, i am 5 coins and one level away from totally beating the game and saving peach;)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps. the reason i need to start blogging again is because when i began blogging it was not about me... rather, it was about having a place for katherine and future generations to come and read about my life on the lane!!!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness....we love Mario Bros for the Wii!!!!!! Love it!!!!

Elise said...

Hi Dani

I also find that when I get hooked on a show, or a great book, blogging takes a bit of a back seat. Although, I do love to blog and really enjoy having a record of our family and all of our adventures.

Heidi D said...

I got that for Christmas too. :))

I've devoted more time to it than I care to admit. I'm very proud though, I've beaten the game all by myself. No help from Jeff. Though a few times I've begged him to take over. He never did though. I'm glad.

I don't FB. I have one, but I just do the blog. I'm more interested in that. I want it for my posterity.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

LOL You are the second blog I read today talking about that Wii game (and I read very few blogs!). When we get the Wii back, I need to check it out. I am bettering you will find much less time to blog starting tomorrow. I cheer for your Wildcats until they face my Buckeyes (oh and yes, to be Duke right now--oh to only be in their bracket!)

SuzanSayz said...

It seems like everybody is taking this blogging business a lot less seriously than we used to. I need to do better by a long shot.
Whether i will or not though, that's the big question.

Do you have this in pink? said...

I still love to read about 'life on the lane'

linda said...

I miss reading all about "life on the lane!"

FB has changed blogging. I've noticed many blogging friends don't even blog anymore, they FB instead. I miss the old times!

Tabitha said...

I could list a million reasons that I have not been blogging, seems that once I get out of the loop, it is harder to get back into than I thought!!
Just catching up with you and life on the lane! It is great seeing what you are upto on face book, but blogging is better???

Take care, love and big hugs Tab x

Little Sweethearts said...

Hi Dani, same here, same here,... except for the FB, since I'm not on there much either. I hope to do better in spring and blog more often. It's sad to look at my own blog really. I guess it's time to wake up and smell the roses ;) (no comment please ;)

Love and hugs,