Thursday, May 20, 2010

simply chase

i picked up katherine on tuesday night:
it was her first full day of work at the library.

katherine: did you dvr idol?
me: yes.
katherine: what did lee sing?
me: i cannot remember, but it was a lynyrd skynyrd song.
katherine: "sweet home alabama"?
me: no.??...
katherine: "simple man"?
me: maybe... (i'm not good with song titles)

after showers and jammies, i turned on idol,
and we watched.
casey james did his thing;
crystal did hers.
then ryan seacrest announced,
"here's lee dewyze with
lynyrd skynyrd's, 'simple man'..."

katherine: i love this song...
but it makes me sad.
me: why does it make you sad?
katherine: it reminds me of chase...
it was one of his favorite songs.


yesterday the john deere was low on fuel, and i knew that i needed to get the grass mowed given the forecast was rain for the next several days. so, i went to the gas station and filled up my can. i decided to drive the back way home because there was so much construction going on on the main roadway in town (the back way takes me past the cemetery where chase is buried). as i drove by, i couldn't help but glance his way...

i thought to myself, young parents shouldn't have to think about buying plots and a monument for themselves...
much less their children.


this morning i opened the tea-towel drawer to pull out a clean towel and dishrag. when i did i noticed a box in the bottom of the drawer. the box was labeled, mosquito coil. that box has been in the bottom of that drawer for years, and it's been years since i've paid any attention to it.

i bought it the night i took katherine, hannah, carlie, elise, and chase to the drive-in... yes, chase was the only boy in the bunch (totally his choice)! that was the night we started calling him hugh (hugh hefner).
he thought the nickname was epic!

that was a fun night for the kids (not so much for our neighbors trying to watch batman begins). the kids were a little rambunctious... let's just say, i would be willing to bet that the current owners of my old windstar could to this day still find skittles in its creases and crevices...
they can thank chase and carlie for those little finds of fruity sweetness, which went flying as hugh and carl were jumping up and down in the back of the van when the bag busted...



chase may be gone, and the decal on katherine's back windshield may no longer exactly say, in loving memory of chase trent (as several letters have gone missing), but chase will remain in our hearts and our minds



love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Tanya said...

Beautiful post Dani! Sounds like Chase... I mean Hugh! was a lovely young man, it so sad & unfair that his time here was short... but I believe that in his time here Chase touched the lives of so many & for that those people will be grateful forever more!

(((hugs))) for both you beautiful girls :)

Love Tan xxxx

Sally said...

So sweet, Dani. God bless. (((hugs)))

Little Sweethearts said...

Dear Dani, please tell Katherine: Don't be sad about the sadness that a song brings on, but be happy for the moment it brings back memories. Later in life, when you will hear this song many, many years from now, you will be happy that it brings you back the memory of Chase. Wherever you will be at that moment (in the car, at the mall or at home), he will be there with you.


Do you have this in pink? said...

There HAS to be a reason unknown to us about why kids like chase can be taken from doting parents and adoring friends.When their lives are just starting.WE just have to have Faith that it will all be answered in due time. Until then Chase's loved ones must feel so broken. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Cheri said...

Dani, your post brought tears to my eyes. Even though I never met Chase I will forever think of him when I hear "Simple Man". Hugs!


Amanda said...

It seems like just yesterday Chase was with you all ~ he was a special young man indeed.

I have also been watching American Idol on and off, but i don't have a favourite to win!

Big Hugs!
Amanda x

Jen said...

Beautiful words and thoughts. It is so important to keep those we have lost with us. love j