Thursday, May 19, 2011


when i was a little girl living on the lane,
time went by so slowly...
from summer to summer
from Christmas to Christmas.


now that i am a wife and mother living on the lane,
time goes by so quickly...
by the time we get our pool closed, it is almost time to reopen it;
by the time we get our Christmas decorations taken down and put away, it is time to pull them out and decorate again.


since the last time i blogged,
much has happened.
it all happened so quickly;
it almost seems like it was a dream.


katherine was accepted into the university of evansville and was granted a very generous academic scholarship.

we spent spring break in cancun, mexico.

john and i flew to canada where he received a project award from rio tinto/alcan.

john and i went on a wine tasting tour in indiana.

my family said, "good-bye," to my uncle steve.

katherine went with jacob to their senior prom.

john and i marked 21 years of marriage.

john and i attended katherine's student ambassador recognition dinner.

and just last night...

john and i attended katherine's senior honors night at the high school where she received one of only 12 commonwealth diplomas (in a class of over 400 students) and her student ambassador chords...

which she will wear tomorrow night to her graduation ceremony.


love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

ps. i hope to elaborate on the aforementioned soon:)


Cristin said...

You are a year ahead of me...
In your anniversary...
Sending a child off to college...

But I so agree with you --
Where did the time go?
People said it would go quickly...
And it has...

Enjoy this wonderful bittersweet time of celebration! You have so much to celebrate!

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...


SO much good. :)

You must be really over the moon proud of that girl!!

Sally said...

I know your heart is bursting with pride; that Katherine is somethin' else. I'll probably never meet her in person, but please tell her this old granny is proud of her too!

Congratulations on yours and John's anniversary! These milestones are so important!


Ginny said...

Don't blink!

Tanya said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary d & congratulations to Katherine! wow what a busy time you've had & so many important & wonderful things happening!! breathe it all in & saviour it!

ily.. xoxo

Little Sweethearts said...

Such true words Dani. When we are little we can't wait to grow up and when we are mothers we would prefer our children to stay young a little while longer... time hurries by. But every moment is beautiful, we just have to sit back and enjoy what lies ahead.
So great to see you back on your blog; missed you.