Friday, June 10, 2011

a friend in need...

last friday i was visiting with friends when one asked if i knew charla tompkins. i smiled and said yes that i'd known her most of my life; then i inquired why she was asking. my friend went on to tell me that charla had had an incident that required emergency care and that she'd been diagnosed with cancer.

my heart sank...

charla was my first, elementary school librarian. she and her husband, glenn, built a home across the street from my aunt and uncle and were neighbors with them for years. charla moved on to be my middle school librarian, for whom i was a student-aid. she was a member of the church i joined when i was in high school. and then, when i took katherine for high school orientation, i caught up with charla there to discover that she was going to be katherine's librarian at henderson county high school. charla explained to katherine our connection and told her if she ever needed anything to come see her.

she meant it;
that is just the kind of person charla is!
she is precious:)

i am posting today for two reasons:

first and foremost, i am requesting prayers on behalf of my friend... i know i have wonderful blogging friends all around the world who have joined with me in prayer before and have made such a difference!

secondly, today is charla's birthday. i would so much appreciate it, if you are a facebooker, if you would go and leave her a message of support and encouragement (you don't have to be a "friend" of charla's to leave her a message). i would be so grateful:)

just click on her photo below:

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx