Tuesday, July 9, 2013


i sat thinking...

preached the sanctity of the lane...
he would scoot to the front 
of his yellow and white stripped lawn-chair
expanding his arms as wide as he could
(as if preparing a grand presentation) 
and would rhetorically ask,

"why would we want
to go anywhere else
when we have everything we need
right here?"

"why?" indeed!


john and i were having lunch 
with friends recently
when john commented,
"i'd love to have a new house."

he didn't mean a different house;
he meant a new one.

i knew what he meant...
one with no flaws.

it sounded so refreshing
in that instant,
i even found myself entertaining
the idea.


several days later, 
john and i were talking.
he told me he intended to tear down
our detached, 2-car garage
and replace it 
with a new 3 or 4-car version.
he also mentioned 
pouring a new driveway and erecting a fence.

i found myself wondering if we should
make that kind of investment...


i pondered for a couple of days...
should we really make these changes?
should we move 
and just build?


then, a few days ago,
when john came in from work,
the thoughts in my head
formed words and proceeded 
to flow from my mouth,
"john, do you want to sell our house
and build something new?"
 (i wasn't sure how i felt about those words 
rolling off my tongue.)

"i don't know," he replied.
"i haven't really thought about it."

my inner #danibonthelane breathed
a huge sigh of relief!
my inner girl knew 
her house needed:
a new garage,
a new driveway,

the lane is home!


john questioned,
"why are you asking?"

"well, you mentioned
wanting a new house..."
i answered.

"oh, i was just talking."
he continued,
"besides, i don't know
of any place 
i'd really rather be."

at that very moment,
my inner girl began her cheer:

(this is my refrain.)
there is no place he would rather be
than with

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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Sally said...

It's so wonderful that you guys love where you live, and how you were able to move back there. New houses? They're not what they're cracked up to be. Shoddy work. Not built anything as well as where you live. :)