Thursday, May 28, 2009

and it's a good thing

i love my house
because all of the sudden it needs...


(how i realized the original cabinets were RED;)

about a month ago, i decided to bite the bullet and take on the task of painting the kitchen cabinets and woodwork... as you may recall. i knew it was going to be a chore because there is more woodwork in my kitchen than there is wall space; but, i didn't think it would be that big a deal.


(my windows NEED new windows;)

i didn't realize how loose some of the paint had become until i started really cleaning the woodwork in preparation for painting it. anyway, i grabbed a scraper and my small hand sander and went to work on it. the more i scraped the more i needed to scrape; then the more i sanded the more i needed to SCRAPE and sand again:/


(replacement windows... YESSSSS!!!)

when john arrived home and took a look at my "work-in-progress", he declared that i just needed to get quotes on replacement windows. i stopped scraping and sanding those windows dead in my tracks:D further, i decided to halt, clean up my mess, and wait on the window man!!!


(wallpaper in a pinch)

then, as i was standing on the ladder wiping down the cabinets for a final time, i noticed that not only did the woodwork need painting but that i was going to have to do something with the walls, too (i intended to paint them about 5 years ago only to realize that there were LITERALLY 8 layers of wallpaper attached to them. when i got to the bottom layer... i found plaster walls, which needed repair:/ since i was hosting a party the next night, i quickly papered back over them, ha!!!); as the paper was starting to peel away at the edges.


(yep, a small crack in the paint)

after tidying up my mess, i sauntered through my house en route to take a hot shower... but, i failed to leave my "what-needs-to-be-painted-next-eyes" in the kitchen with the scraper and the sander. horrified, i noticed that there were some small chipped places on the front door, the paint was starting to crack around the top of my fireplace in a couple of areas, and it was also starting to loosen around katherine's bedroom doorway:///


(yep... paint starting to crack there, too)

then i thought to myself, "how can this be??? i paid the painters a fortune to paint these two rooms!!!"

after allowing myself a few moments to feel as though i'd been robbed, i started to giggle at myself. "ROBBED!!?!? BAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!" it hit me that it had been eighteen, 18, years ago that i'd paid those painters to paint the rooms.

in actuality, i guess i had hit the painting lottery on that paint job!!!


as a little girl, i grew up on the lane... unfortunately, my parents sold our house when i was nearly 15... fortunately, however, for our first anniversary (18 years ago), john purchased it back for me, and we live...


i will be even happier when i get all this darn painting finished!!!

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Sally said...

I think it's truly wonderful that your hubby bought the house for you!!

Every house, new, old, middle aged (hahaha) needs something all the time. I try not to look too closely. :)

Anonymous said...

I was going to write the same thing Sally did. We have only been in this house 12 years and there is always something needing something. Nothing better than knowing it is yours to do with and love.

Christy said...

You live in the house you grew up in? That is so neat! I have a million things that need to be repaired in my house too. The people who owned this house before us didn't fix or repair anything. So, now we have to fix everything:(