Thursday, May 14, 2009

brownies for breakfast...

and a couple of other insignificant things.

my police scanner alarm went off at about 4:15 am this morning:


i turned on the television and watched the cold front move closer and closer to the lane.
there were two "super "bright red" cells" headed our way:
one went due north of the lane,
and the other went due south.

after all the excitement passed, john left for work. i went into the kitchen, cut myself two dark-chocolate walnut brownies, poured myself a glass of ice-cold milk, returned to my bed, and consumed both brownies and glass of milk...

breakfast in bed:P

it's no wonder that i have now gained 7 lbs since spring break, huh!!?!?


i missed american idol last night!!!

i cannot believe it... i had been excitedly wondering all day who (of the three remaining contestants) would stay and who would go!!!

it was a real toss-up, in my opinion. for i had thought each had performed masterfully on tuesday night. hence, i was going to be somewhat surprised regardless of the outcome.

(adam lambert)

(kris allen)

(danny gokey)

i prepared an early dinner, took maggie out for a short walk, took an early shower, jammied up, and settled in to watch. (oh, i settled in to my bed because john was watching the nba tournament games in the den.)

idol came on, alicia keyes spoke of the great things idol was doing to help the global unfortunate, and i fell asleep!!!




while i was eating my brownies this morning, i flipped open my laptop to find that america had voted off danny... i was suprised but happily so!!!

my favorites, since the show was moved to california, have been "kute" kris allen and "amazing" adam lambert!!!

so, YAY!!!

i'm really looking forward to next week's finale...
hope i can stay awake for it:P

i also hope...
you ALL escaped the wrath of last night's storms,
you all had breakfast in bed comparable to my yummy brownies,
you were able to stay awake for the idol results,
and, finally, if you are an idol fan, that your 2 favorites remained:)

love and GOd's blessings,
dani xx


Jan the crazy lady said...

My favorite part of this post was the jammied up. That just cracked me up. What jams did you choose last night? Out of the 100 pairs you have :) Love it. It's like the new homemaker star trek version of beam me up scotty.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jan, the crazy lady. I love the "jammied up" phrase.In Ky we had storms early a.m. which enabled me to sleep in til 9 a.m. Tom and I had waffles with cream cheese and strawberry jam. Just as well we slept in, the rain makes my internet connection slow, and had to wait to get blogging. I found the most perfect video in memory of your Moss friends, if I can figure out how to send.

Amanda said...

So glad that you missed the storms. Phew!
I haven't been watching AI, but after watching those i would say that the 1st video was my favourite ~ but i do love the Aerosmith Cryin' song anyway!

I fall asleep watching t.v all the time ~ even during the day!
Yum ~ love brownies, sounds like the perfect breakfast to me!

Amanda x

Christy said...

I am not an Idol fan, and we didn't have any thunderstorms, but brownies for breakfast sounds GREAT!

Tabitha said...

Oh my Dani ~ those brownies look delicious!
I actually bought Lauren a brownie mix to make today ~ so will have to give that a try and let you know how they go!
Glad that all is ok on the Lane,
love and big hugs to you XXXXXXX

SuzanSayz said...

I have been known to indulge in a Brownie and cold Milk breakfast myself at times. Yum!
I can't believe you fell asleep. But I do believe it because I had to fight to stay awake myself. What was it last night? I've never had a problem with staying awake for American Idol. Well I guess if I had actually watched their insufferable "Idol Gives Back" shows. I've got pictures of Adam, Danny and Kris on my newest post too.

Sally said...

Oh goodness, brownies wouldn't last even a day in this house, so breakfast would be out of the question. :)

No storms here either; it rained maybe 14 drops today, the first in about 100 days~we are seriously in a drought.

Haven't been watching AI this year, and I'm not sure why. But, you DO know I watch Y&R. hahahaha

Hannah said...

I'm VERY glad that Danny was the one voted off he's good, but I don't like him. Ya know? :P

I was rather satisfied :D


Ginny said...

Commenting late here but you HAD TO PUT THE TONGUE picture on there!!!! Now I'm wigged out!
Love ya,