Wednesday, April 11, 2012

it was a start...

for almost 20 years i have been blessed with being able to be a full time mom to katherine. during that time while she was in school, i have worked outside my home: part-time, some-of-the-time, and none-of-the-time. i have enjoyed the luxury of choice. however, with katherine finishing up her freshman year at college, i've been contemplating going back to work full time just as i did before she was born.

so, i applied several months ago for a position with smokefree communities. the job opening was mainly for a public relations position. although i had a little bit of pr experience in my proverbial tool box. i was not what they wanted. i got a really nice letter of thanks but no thanks.
i kept looking...

then, several weeks ago i noticed that a position was available as the manager of risk assessment and environmental at a local university. again, i applied. i didn't get my hopes up thus was totally shocked when the director of administrative services called last week to set up an interview with me.... an interview!

it has been years since i interviewed for a job as i have spent most of my career contracting out safety engineering services.
however, i know the ropes.

first, i needed a new suit. being used to dressing in jeans, steel-toed boots, and a hard hat, i felt quite odd standing in a macy's fitting room clad in a kasper suit. i stood looking in the mirror wondering if this would be the new me. i purchased the suit last wednesday and immediately began surfing the internet for information pertaining to the position.

yesterday was the big day! i was as ready as i was going to be. i donned the suit. i filled my attache with extra copies of my resume, a copy of the job description, a list of questions, my reading glasses, new pens, lipstick and powder, and altoids.
off i went!

(me in the suit)

all and all, i think my interview went well; i was very comfortable during the interview. i left feeling good that i'd made it through and was able to answer all the questions he asked of me. i'm not sure that i will get a second interview; for the position is a heavier environmental one rather than safety and risk, and my expertise is much heavier safety and risk rather than environmental.
however, it was a start:)

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx


Tanya said...

You go girl, good luck! Any employer will be lucky to have you on board! Your new suit looks great & you my friend are beautiful!


Tan xxx

Dana Niemeier said...

Do it chick!!!
l, D

Sally said...

Oh my goodness, girl, you look SO young! Love the suit, and your hair is beautiful!

Best of luck; you'll end up where you are meant to be. Saying a prayer!!

Luv you!!!

dani said...

thank you, ladies:) l,dxxx

Cristin said...

Inspiring! Best wishes to you!!!