Friday, May 11, 2012

how we came to be...

on this 22nd anniversary of my marriage
to john i reflect on 
how we came to be.

initially, i think it was his tight levi's,
his much lived-in, original 501's...
the ones with the hole in the left leg 
where the bottom of his pocket showed through
just a little.

you may think i am kidding;
but, i am not;)

and then there were his eyes...
omgoodness, his eyes...
all dark and brooding.

the first time he ever really spoke to me
i got lost in those eyes...
the windows to his soul.
they spoke volumes to me.
they told me john was a good man;
they also told me he was a little sad...
a lot lonely.

i was born a fixer.
everything in me wanted to fix him,
to make him happy,
to love him,
to spend the rest of my life with him.

i can honestly say without any hesitation
that i fell in love with him
at first sight.

i told him that day i was going to marry him,
and i did...
2 long years later.


i often joke and tell people that john chased me and begged me to marry him for 2 years at which time i gave in and accepted his proposal.  but that is not the truth... ha, actually far from it.  when i met john i was 19 years old; he was 38, which meant nothing to me but a lot to those around us.  i never quite understood the big deal. those of you who have kept up with my life on the lane over the years, know that i have always been an old soul.  

as a matter of fact, the average age of my friends at the time was probably 60'ish. 
 john was actually a young
 friend of mine;) 

i loved my new friend's sense of humor,
his laugh,
his tough act,
his sweetness when no one looking,
his eyes,
his levi's...

i loved my new friend,
and i knew that he dug me as well.

we spent a summer getting to know each other
before either of us addressed our attraction.
we dined, laughed, watched baseball games, and talked...
a lot.


the night before i was supposed to leave to go back to college, i decided to tell him how i really felt about him.  i knew he would never make the first move.
 he was a gentleman...
a very unassuming man.

when i arrived at his house, he was in his back den watching a ball game.  i knocked at his door.  i was a little nervous but very excited.  he came into his living room and opened the door for me.  he was smiling his dark eyes twinkled.  i grabbed him and hugged him tightly. i kissed his neck and earlobe walking him backward across the room to his couch.  i backed away and looked into his eyes.

i told him i had fallen in love with him.
he grabbed me and kissed my lips.
he said he had fallen in love with me too!

that's how we came to be.

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx


Sally said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your story, Dani. So wonderful that you met the love of your life, and knew it right away. I'm very happy for you both.

Love and hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Oh!!!!!!! So beautiful!!!!!!!