Friday, March 15, 2013

happy birthday, taunya...

i call this masterpiece...

(and two cheerleaders)

when i was growing up i never had sisters.
however, when i went away to college,
God blessed me with four!
from left to right:
susan, ginny, jeanne, and taunya

we were family.
we lived together.
we laughed together.
we loved together.


today is taunya's birthday
(she is the one with the birthday hat;)
so, today i am going to celebrate...



 although taunya and i went to high school
together, we never really knew each other
until our freshmen year in college.
i remember her coming up to my dorm room
the friday night of parents' weekend.
(our parents had decided not to come until saturday morning)

so, while everyone else was out with their parents,
taunya and i talked and talked and talked.
we got to know pretty much everything about 
each another.
we became fast, great friends.

26 1/2 years later...
i consider her to still be one of my very best!


taunya and i have been through the best of times
and the worst of times.

the best of times

found us...

being ΛΧΑ little sisters together,
cohabiting with 4 other girls in a shotgun-house 
(with only one bathroom, a piano on the front porch,
sitting next to a boot store with a life-size horse on its awning),
road-tripping to florida with a bunch of ΑΤΩ's,
falling in love,
getting married,
and having babies.


the worst of times

found us...

tragically losing young, loved ones
way too soon.


our friendship has withstood the test of time.

i thank God for letting me stumble upon you,

love and God's blessings,
d xxx

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