Monday, March 31, 2014

remodel: chapter II; shorty...

i heard dale's, 
big, old, red truck
as he pulled it into our driveway.
i was excited to get our
lane remodel started!

when john and i first met
with dale to discuss our plans,
dale indicated he would be
working alone.
as i sat at my dining room
table sewing that first morning,
i heard dale talking to someone
as he made his way up to 
our house.
i walked out onto the front porch
and greeted them.

me: good morning!
dale: mornin'!
me: how are y'all?
dale: awe, we're good.
me: (looking past dale) who've 
you got with you?
dale: awe, this is...
shorty: shorty, they call me shorty.
(shorty talked so fast i only caught
part of what he said.)
me: your name is shorty?
shorty: well, everybody calls me shorty,
but i don't like it much.
(he laughed.)
me: what's your real name then?
shorty: it's terry.
dale: (under his breath) it's shorty;
just call him shorty.

i offered terry my hand 
to shake.
he reciprocated.

me: it's nice to meet you,
shorty: uh, you can call me shorty.
me: okay, it's nice to meet you,
(i giggled.)


on my front porch...
 stood a skinny burt reynolds 
and a straight michael jeter.


evening shade:

dale standing no less than 6"
weighing no more than 150 lbs.
shorty standing no more than 4"10'
weighing no more than 105 lbs...

"tall and lanky"
would quickly become 
my new best friends
for the summer;)

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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Sally Crowe said...

That's so exciting, Dani. And, what a cute post this is.