Monday, March 17, 2014

remodel: chapter I; "phil"...

when we decided to 
remodel here on the lane,
meester berrong asked around 
about contractors.
a family friend told him
she and her husband
had been using the same contractor 
for over 15 years.
she said he was good
and would do a great job.


the meester came in smirking 
with confidence.

the meester: i found you
a contractor.
me: really, who is it?
the meester: here's his number.
me: what's his name?
the meester: janie said to just
call him.  he's finishing up
a project at her house now.
me: who is he?
the meester: his name is
phil something.
me: ok?


so, i gave phil a call.

phil: hello?
me: hi, phil, this is 
dani berrong. janie told
me you might be interested
in doing some 
remodeling work for 
my husband and me?
phil: well, sure...

i gave him our address
and directions to the lane 
and set up a time and date
to meet.


when phil arrived,
i showed him around the house 
pointing out what we wanted

we have 10 rooms.
phil said, "WOW..."
no less than 15 times.
i was afraid
i was scaring him 
away from the job.

me: it's a lot, isn't it?
phil: wow...

(note to self: phil's favorite word is "wow...")

we have 10 rooms.
i addressed our prospective
contractor as "phil"
no less than 15 times.

after completing our
i told "phil"
how i wanted to break down
the contract.
he gave me his credentials:
"dale's home improvement"
was printed across the top 
of the paperwork.

(note to self: "phil's" real name is dale! wow...)


all this storytelling
just to point out...

what meester berrong
meant to say when i asked
for the name of the contractor...

"something something?"

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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Sally Crowe said...


You're too funny, Dani.