Monday, January 25, 2010

trickle of consciousness II...

currently, i'm wondering where milton is... "milton" is the name we attached to a black kitten who arrived on the lane two days before Christmas.
katherine claimed him, and santa bought him: a collar, food, an igloo, and a heating pad to keep him warm in his igloo.
he has taken off his collar, wondered away from home, been impounded, been neutered, had his shots, gotten a new collar... and, as of noon yesterday, has wondered away again.
today, i should be writing a "mosses monday"; i'm behind on my installments. however, before i proceed with the proverbial "rest of the story", i need to give a lot of thought and prayer as to how i will do so.
i think you will understand.
john bought me a new laptop for Christmas. it was a dell; so, i returned it. (my last laptop was a dell, and i was not really impressed.) i wanted to try something different like maybe a macbook...
however, i kind of fell in major like with the new sony vaio:), so, i bought it. thus far, it's been great; the picture (hd/blue-ray) and speed are remarkable!!!
my Christmas tree is still standing in the den. i DID take all the Christmassy ornaments off and replace them with hearts.
it's a valentine tree:)
i'm such a kid; the lights make me happy:DDD
i thought i had one payment left on my commander (because i had one payment stub remaining in my payment book) and had decided that i was going to start putting the money with which i usually make the payment in an account for a family trip in the spring.
i digress...
the bank sent me a new book of payment stubs.
the commander will not be "mine" for another year:(
that's all for today... how has your 2010 been thus far?
love and God's blessings,
dani xx

(maggie and her prodigal brother)


SuzanSayz said...

Some kitties are just so darn fickle. Come back Milton! You have no idea how well off you are.
I know what you mean about getting to the end of one of those payment books. There's something just a little depressing to recieve a brand new one and look at all of those future payments you still have to make.

Lucy said...

Hi Dani,
I have missed your regular updates. Cats can be very fickle. Not like your faithful Maggie at all. I too recieved a laptod gor Christmas. Decided to go with Apple Macbook Pro. It suits me as it has all the programes I require for movie and photo editing. Will call again soon.

Sally said...

Oh man, I do know that must have been very disappointing to have another year to pay! Wow!! But, just think - this time next year - YAY!!!! :)

Hope Milton comes home soon!


Oh, and I DO understand about the writing; you'll get it done!