Wednesday, May 15, 2013

because i love him...

when john and i were dating
his sister often asked me,
"why are you dating him?'

my reply was always,
"because i love him."


i awoke this morning to john holding my hand.
before i was even awake,
my heart began to sing.
sometimes i have to pinch myself
so as to know i am not dreaming.

then i think,
God really gave him to me...

and i smile.


over the years
we have had issues
both through and around
which we have 
things have not always been 
thankfully though,
we never allowed the issues
to define us.



nearly 25 years ago
i went to john and expressed
my feelings for him.
john was a very guarded man.
he allowed me into his world-
into his heart.

God blessed me
with john.

make no mistake,
it was not the other way around.
i prayed to God
for him.

God answered my prayers.


john and i celebrated our 23rd
anniversary on saturday:

23 years together
because i love him
and he loves me


GOD loves us...

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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Sally Crowe said...

And, that my dear Dani is a beautiful thing. Congratulations!