Friday, June 19, 2009

grandpa elliot!!!

(grandpa elliot)

in the fall of 1991 i made a trip to new orleans for an engineering conference. the first night i was there, several of my friends and i made our way down canal street and over to bourbon street. the first native of nola i met was musician,
grandpa elliot.

he was such a nice and talented man. i loved listening to him talk and sing and play!!! we stopped every night for the next 6 nights and did just that:)


when hurricane katrina hit new orleans several years ago, i wondered if he'd been spared, and, if so, if he'd had to leave his beloved city.

then, about 3 years ago, i returned to nola but never saw him. i went there to visit my cousin, rendi, who had just recently moved to the big easy. the last morning we were there she took me to a section of town in which habitat for humanity had taken upon itself to rebuild so that the local musicians might be enticed to return home.

(musicians' village)

as we passed the not-yet-occupied homes,
i wondered if one of those houses might someday be his.
i hoped so!!!


a couple of days ago, john emailed me this video clip...

i think i squealed as i started watching it. john had no idea he was sending me such a valuable link... grandpa elliot is alive and well and in new orleans!!!

further, i am getting ready to make a trip there in about a week... for a week. i hope to get to see him!!!

how cool would that be:D

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Anonymous said...

Love New Orleans, planned a blog about a recent visit. I am so glad you found Grandpa Eliot. I have been watching that musician project, Harry Connick Jr has been involved.
I firmly believe in serendipity.

Sally said...

Wow, such a wonderful post, Dani. I haven't been to Nola in years!! So glad to know that Grandpa Eliot is there, and hope you get to see him again!! :)

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I do hope you get to see Grandpa Elliot again and enjoy his music that has obviously touched you and no doubt countless others.

Lots of love and hugs

Tabitha said...

What a wonderful story Dani ~ it is amazing sometimes how things go ~ and is so great that John e mailed you that link. I hope that you will have a wonderful time on your trip and that you do indeed get to see Grandpa Elliot again.
Hope all is well with you dear friend ~ love and big hugs Tab XX

Lucy said...

Hi Dani, Hope you have a great time away and that you meet up with Grandpa Elliot.
I love the pictures of Kat and Chico. They both have a beautiful big happy smile. If I can comment on your previous post re If you kick a habit for more than four days then you have kicked it forever. Well, I gave up smoking (cold turky) many years ago and was always proud of that. But food my friend is another story. You are not alone with your food fight.
Love and hugs XXXXOOOO

Do you have this in pink? said...

Fingers crossed he graces your path again.

Hannah said...

I think I saw him on Leno once???
I think it's neat that you got to watch him sing! :D


SuzanSayz said...

I loved that clip. It's not often that I will watch an entire clip if it's longer than a minute or two, but I watched all of this one.
So does John know about your love for grandpa Elliot, or was it a big coincidence? It sounds like it was and that is really remarkable.

Amanda said...

What i lovely post ~ i hope you get to see grandpa elliot on your next visit.
I would have loved to have visited New Orleans.
Amanda x

Little Sweethearts said...

Sometimes you just think "it's a small world after all" ;-)
I do hope you get to see Grandpa Elliot!