Friday, June 12, 2009

etsy woes...

i had never heard of etsy before i started blogging. however, after seeing it touted here and there, i decided to visit the site and have a look for myself. i was amazed at the many beautiful and creative items i saw and decided to give etsy a try. i placed my first order from my friend, tania (little sweethearts), who lives in belgium. the orders were to be delivered to the us, australia, and the uk.
all my recipients received their orders in a timely, orderly fashion and were thrilled with their beauty full gifts.

thus, i was thrilled with my new-found site, etsy:)

and too, my next orders went smoothly. i ordered three children's items from a couple of vendors in australia to be delivered in australia and here in the us. the next two orders were also incident-free.
then, on the 24th of may, i placed 3 orders with 3 different vendors... one was to be sent to my mother for her birthday... perfect!!! one was to be sent to one of my snail mail friends in scotland... it arrived here on the lane... not packaged well and not containing the birthday note that was to be enclosed, grrr!!! and the third was also to be sent to another snail mail friend in australia... i received an email quickly from that vendor saying that she saw that the recipient's birthday was the 6th of june; hence, she would get to work on my order and have it in the mail by wednesday, may 27th...
guess what???
the friend in australia has yet to receive her gift, which was supposed to have been mailed 16 days ago!!!

further, i cannot find the option to rate these two vendors:?

have any of you etsy fans experienced the same problems???
if so, what did you do???

love and God's blessings,

dani xx

ps. sorry for the rant...
i'm probably just a little pms'ed besides being frustrated:/


Tabitha said...

Oh Dani ~ I am so sorry that you have had these problems. Tania is the only etsy site that I have ordered from and obviously I was totally thrilled with the gifts and the service ~ I have not used any other etsy site though!

I hope that you get it all sorted out very soon.
I have also had a problem with yours and Tanyas birthday gifts ~ long story ~ but hopefully they will be with you very soon! I am in bad need of organisation at the moment ha ha !!
Hope you are well dear friend,
sending love and great big hugs Tab XXXXX

Anonymous said...

I was going to look at etsy so I will keep my guard up. Blessings

SuzanSayz said...

I don't really sell on etsy anymore, but I do know that it's definitely possible to leave negative feedback on people's sites. I hope it doesn't turn you off from etsy. It's a place where every site is owned by a different person. And as far as I can tell they aren't monitored at all. Well they might be if they get enough negative feedback.
So get out there and fight the good fight Dani. You'll be helping out all of the good ones on etsy at the same time!

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Man that's frustrating!! {shaking fist to the sky} AARRGG!!!

I hope vengeance will be yours. :))

Lucy said...

Dani, Such a shame for your well liad planes to go astray because of bad salsmanship. This would certainly make me angry as well.

Congratulations to Chico on his graduation. I love the colour of his robes and matching morter board. Katherine complets the pictures with her beautiful smile and happy face. Hope you are keeping well.
Love and hugs XXXXOOOO
Love and hugs

Sally said...

I'm sorry for the bad experience, Dani. I've only used Etsy once (one of my blog buds) and the service was excellent. There are SO many out there. I guess this is the "new" way of shopping. I hope the next time you'll have better luck. ((hugs))