Sunday, November 2, 2008

happy birthday, moonpie!!!

sweet birthday wishes
from the lane, d:)

please, go over and wish
"the notorious d"
a happy birthday:)

love and blessings,
dani xx


Jan said...

Happy Birthday Moonpie. Cute tribute and picture Dani.

Tabitha said...

I will head over that way now!!
I love the photo Dani ~ so sweet and maggie is just the cutest!
Lauren always says "there's maggie" whenever we see a spaniel ~ she hasn't quite worked out how far away you are ha ha !!
Hope you are having a great weekend ~ sending love and hugs T xx

Amanda said...

Thats a sweet picture of the both of you!
I'm on my way over now to wish Dana a happy birthday!
Hope you had a great weekend!!
Amanda x

Hannah said...

Happy birthday, "the notorious d"!!
I hope she had a wonderful day!


p.s. I love that picture :D

Tanya said...

Gorgeous photo D!! Off to wish Dana a happy birthday... better late than never :)

t. xx