Saturday, November 15, 2008

i followed the directions...

i have been playing around with my background and template for the past couple of weeks... i've only tweaked it a little here and there so as not to lose all my widgets (those cute little gadgets (including ALL the blogs i follow) i've added along the way on my sidebar).

well, yesterday, i got a little too brave for my own good!!! i was "tweaking" away at my background when all of the sudden, i happened to notice all my widgets were gone with the exception of my "about me" and my blog archive...

admittedly, i said a curse word!!!

but, don't worry; it was not "the mother of all curse words"... for i knew that i had followed the directions and backed up all my template/widget information. i was relieved to know that all my problems would be solved. all i had to do was restore the information; right???


relief quickly faded to despair... blogger wouldn't let me save the restored template and widgets. i kept getting a message that said my info was in the wrong form... something about "closures". i almost cried... really. (probably because i have been pms'ed and have been just a little stressed this week over my linda;)

anyway, i just left it for a while.

we went out to dinner with my parents, brother, aunt and uncle, and some friends.

and, when we returned home, i, feeling like a new woman, tore down my whole site and revamped!!!

all of this to say...

please, check my blog roll to make sure you are there.
if you are not, kindly leave me a comment and let me know:)

love and blessings,
dani xx


Hannah said...

I absolutely hate it when that kind of thing happens!! But, it's great that it's all better :D


Jan said...

I can only imagine your frustration Dani. Poor thing. That had to be such a shock. Glad it worked out though. And from the looks of things, it is ADORABLE. I totally love love love it. So cute.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

That must have been so frustrating!
BUT the site is beautiful--and the music WOW :)

SuzanSayz said...

Well, it looks like the roll was called and I answered HERE.
I have thought about changing my blogs' look from time to time. I know however, that without a doubt I would completely screw the whole thing up. My little brother Mike, who is on my sidebar, knows EVERYTHING about maneuvering internet sites. He's the one who gave me my current, no-fail site's look. If you ever need help go ahead and leave him a comment. He would be tickled to not only meet a new blogger but to get to help you out with your dilemma. Best wishes for getting it all straightend out:)

Allikaye's Mama said...

I'm there! And I love your background! First, it makes me hungry for candy. And second, it gets me excited about the season!!!

Tabitha said...

Hi Dani ~ I have checked and I am on the blogroll!!
You are amazing being able to do this ~ I have trouble even changing the background and following the instructions from the website ~ let alone going it alone and doing it all myself!!
I did pop over yesterday and I noticed that there were none of the awards etc ~ but I just presumed that you were having a move around ha ha !!
Loving the background ~ I am so glad that you posted the full picture ~ it is so sweet ~ that little snowman in the red hat on the sleigh just makes me smile tee hee!!!
love and hugs XXXXX

PS ~ Know what you mean about the PMS ing ~ I am right there with you ha ha XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Amanda said...

That has happened to me once before and i don't blame you for saying a bad word!!!
But I really like your new look :-)
I hope Linda continues to do well and gets stronger everyday.
Have a nice weekend Dani,
Amanda x

The Donald said...

I had that same problem last week when I changed my blog around. I had to go over to my wife's blog and get all the blog addresses I needed to rebuild mine.

Christmas music is a nice touch by the way. Lisa started playing it last week.

Jen said...

How frustrating- I have wanted to change mine but I am too afraid to try! I am so impressed that you worked it all out!

Tanya said...

Hey there beautiful :)

I'm so happy to hear Linda is doing well, must have been a very scary time for you all! there's always sadness & happiness in transplant cases!!

I love the new look of your blog, can't believe Christmas is so close!!! Panic is starting to set in lol!! I am in the process of getting a new blog up & running just for photos, that way I don't need to tweak anything... hopefully!!

take care,

love & hugs,
t. xoxoxo

Bren's Life said...

I love your background. And I am glad things are looking like your finding everyones blogs..

Christy said...

Oh no! The first time I uploaded a new template, I lost all my widgets too. I learned a valuable lesson that day - hit the preview button before saving.

linda said...

I LOVE your new holiday look and would do the same but I'm sooo afraid of what happened to you. It would be just my luck too!

MoziEsmé said...

Sometimes technology can be so frustrating!

I love your holiday look, btw.