Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the rest of the story...

i had a couple of questions concerning "10 things i'd like to say to 10 different people" from yesterday's post.
so, here are a couple of answers.

suz wanted to know if i'd been tagged.
answer: no, hannah over at fifteen going on seventy had the survey in full on her blog. (i'm going to finish it today;)

shannon asked if there were someone to whom i'd like to say something negative.
answer: no, if someone makes me angry enough for me to feel the need to say something negative, i say it. those who really know me, know that it takes a LOT to get me to that point. further, the things that make me most angry rarely even directly effect me. i get most angry when i see someone or a group (children, elderly, etc...) being mistreated.

now, for the rest of the survey:)

nine things about yourself:

9) i'm cold… as in brrr.
8) i’m sarcastic.
7) i'm an old woman with the heart of a kid.
6) it takes a lot to anger me.
5) i am the most laid back “functioning person” you will probably ever meet.
4) i have too much time on my hands.
3) i have watched soap operas since I was a toddler.
2) i am very over protective.
1) i love being at home when I’m not on vacation.

eight ways to win my heart:

8) love GOD (not just the idea of God).
7) be sweet.
6) be sincere.
5) be funny
4) be serious
3) laugh with me
2) respect me.
1) love me.

seven things that cross your mind a lot:

7) God is so good to me.
6) love for family and friends.
5) missing those i’ve lost.
4) what am i going to be when i grow up???
3) i am getting to be such a creature of habit.
2) maggie’s so sweet.
1) i love my life.

six things you do before you fall asleep:

6) brush my teeth
5) read and comment on blogs.
4) tell kat good-night and I love you
3) make sure all the doors are locked/turn off lights
2) turn on ceiling fan.
1) cuddle with maggie and john.
(i pray off and on all day;)

five people who mean a lot at the moment:

john and katherine.

four things you see right now:

4) laptop
3) electric blanket
2) mia sucking up the heat from my laptop
1) maggie, of course:b

three songs that you listen to often:

3) have yourself a merry little CHristmas
2) silver bells
1) the holly and the ivy
(they are the first three songs on my blogger play list;)

two things you want to do before you die:

2) share God with anyone who wants Him in his/her life.
1 )have a 5th generation portrait made with me being the oldest of a happy, healthy family;)

one confession:

1) i spend way too much time obsessing over my weight. however, the bathing suit in the photoflick from yesterday... the one i'd love to ask for in a small??? i have it in a large; and let me just say, it ain't pretty!!! rotflmao!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx


Anonymous said...

Your listsssss are awesome.

I know we'll get along like long lost friends when we meet someday!

Have a great day.

Jan said...

Laughed at the creature of habit. Isn't that weird how that happens. It use to drive me nuts when I would see those women that did the same things. Now I get it. I guess I will challenge us in a little do one thing different everyday. Okay. Are you in. Are you going to be with me on being spontaeous and fun and crazy 1 time a day. I am already tired thinking about it.

Loved the list. Told alot about you as a person. Your faith is so strong. I love that about you :)

SuzanSayz said...

This was really just one of the nicest lists I've ever read Dani! You are so full of faith and love. I'm sure there are people that need to hear these things as well. Lets hope that some of them are reading your blog.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

How fun to get to know you better. I liked your 'eight ways to win my heart' list. I think mine would mirror yours on many points. Sincerity and respect are so important to me.

Your laid back personality is very refreshing. :)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

The list yesterday was awesome yet you managed to top it with these--wow!
You are really a warm, wonderful, sweet lady :)

Tabitha said...

I love your lists Dani ~ they are always wonderful!! (Just like you!!)
Love the picture of Maggie ~ she is just the cutest!
Love and big hugs Tabitha XXXXXX

Amanda said...

Mia looks so much like my cat, Purdie!
And Maggie is looking as cute as ever :-)
Your lists and answers are great Dani.
Hope you had a wonderful day,
Amanda x

Hannah said...

I, too, am a creature of habit :/ My mom always gets after me for it....


Love you!

Jen said...

I love the list but one thing that is great about you is that I would have already known most of these things about you because of what you write about and the comments you make. You are you through and through.

ps- i wish I could do what it seems maggie does most of the day.

Bren's Life said...

What a great list. You ARE Wonderful & amazing..
It's still 85' here. No need for an electric blanket. Actually I don't think I've ever even had one here ever...

Kellan said...

It's OBVIOUS that you love your life - it shows through in everything you say and do. I love that you love your life!!

Take care - Kellan

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I have missed you so much my friend. Hectic, fun days seem to mean early nights for me. During the days, there seems to be few opportunities for blogging at the moment, which means when I do get an opportunity to blog I just love it.

Your eight ways to win your heart are so very similar to what my own list would sound like. I love the idea of a 5th generation portrait - what a wonderful and beautiful goal to have.

Your list of ten things you would say to ten different people shows what kind of person you are: a fun, optimistic, grateful, loving, generous and caring person.

How is Linda? Is she recovering well?

When I read the post about Katherine being accepted into the NYLF in medicine I was so excited for you all. What a honour and such an amazing achievement. Congratulation (I know it is belated congrats) to Katherine, you and John. This will be such an awesome opportunity that I look forward to learning more about.

Lots of love to you and sending big hugs.


Little Sweethearts said...

I think it's great that you're still thinking about what you want to be when you grow up!!!


MoziEsmé said...

You're not old, no way! Strike that one off your list... :)