Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a new day has dawned...

and a blessed life continues...
i have hope for the world in which we live
and pray that we will be pleasantly surprised
by what the days ahead will bring.



that being said, i was pleasantly surprised
with a package that arrived here on the lane
from a very dear friend!!!

tania, little sweethearts, sent me two darling
Christmas ornaments that i cannot wait to put
on my Christmas tree!!!

(click to enlarge)

aren't they wonderful!!!

so is tania:)
my belgian friend handmade these little treasures.

hannah, fifteen going on seventy, and i were the
lucky recipients of tania's give-away drawing.

thank you so much, tania!!!

the Christmas holly is adorable.
the robin redbreast is beautiful
and comes with a beautiful story of its significance...

(click to enlarge)

the legend of the robin redbreast

when Jesus was wearing His crown of thorns,
a little bird came and tried to remove some of the thorns
in order to lessen His pain.
while the little bird was doing so,
some blood dripped onto his chest, and it remained there
the robin redbreast symbolizes the thought that

every little bit helps.

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps. tania didn't ask me to do so;
but you can click HERE to go to her etsy store
and see some of the other darling things she has made:)


Jan said...

Love them Dani. How wonderful that your friend would do that for you. They are so very cute. And I love the poem and the meaning behind the Robin. Beautiful.

Tabitha said...

I hope that whatever the future brings for you all over there ~ that it is nothing but good!!

The decorations are gorgeous ~ I have to pop over to Tanias Etsy later to order a gift for Laurens birthday and these decorations are also on my list ~ aswell as another bookmark!!

I am so looking forward to seeing these on your tree!

Love and big hugs my friend,
Take care XXXXX

SuzanSayz said...

I have never heard the story of the Robin before. It was beautiful.
I am actually excited to see what the next four years holds.

MoziEsmé said...

What a sweet gift!

I must admit it's been rather nice (though boring) not being in the US this election season... :)

There's an award on our post today for you.

Amanda said...

Those decorations are so cute and will look great decorating your tree!
The story behind the Robin is a lovely one. And one i will share with the kids.
Amanda x

Michelle @ A Happy Heart said...

Those little ornaments are so cute Dani - congrats on the win and love your new photo girl!

Hannah said...

They were just lovely, weren't they??
She's so sweet!


The Donald said...

Wow, that was a great bit about the Robin. I have never heard that before.

Oh, I am Susan's son Donald. I read your comment on her Obama post, and it drew me to your blog.

I figured I would tell you that so you didn't think I was some crazy blog stalker.

Weith Kick said...

Very nice. I like.

SuzanSayz said...

Dani my love, don't worry, I would never, ever think of you as racist for not voting for Obama. Half the time I forgot to even remember that he is black. I think most the Country only thought about his color because it was making History. I may not have gotten my point across too well, but I feel that true equality will only come when people would no more think of someone standing out because they happen to be Black than they would for the same person being left handed. I long for the day when being a different color would be no more significant than that. And you my dear, I know, would be there rejoicing right along with me!
Oh and I see that my son has introduced himself. He's a good guy!

Tabitha said...

Hello there ~ just popped back over and noticed your new profile picture ~ it is gorgeous ~ you look like a movie star!!!
love and big hugs Tab XXXXX

Little Sweethearts said...

May this new day bring a better world.

I am so happy that you like your ornaments! I hope they "go" with your other decorations and can't wait to see pictures!

Love and hugs,

Kellan said...

Those are the cutest ornaments! Have a good Friday - Kellan

Purple Teacup said...

I had never heard the robin story! I love that!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Those are so pretty!
Love the red robin story!