Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a tuesday tag...

i've been tagged by j at mozi esme for this fabulous five meme!
tweaked a bit;)

Five Photos from my Fifth File:

"the lane" in spring...

Favorite Foods:
1.) donuts
2.) empress chicken
3.) lasagna
4.) teriyaki chicken
5.) pizza

Favorite Colors:
1.) pink
2.) green
3.) red
4.) purple
5.) blue

Favorite Sports Teams:
1.) kentucky wildcats
2.) university of navada las vegas
3.) st. louis cardinals
4.) st. louis rams
5.) atlanta braves

Favorite Treats:
1.) donuts
2.) pumpkin pie blizzard
3.) oreos and milk
4.) reese's peanut butter cups
5.) snickers bar

Favorite Desserts:
1.) donuts
2.) dutch apple pie
3.) peach cobbler
4.) blackberry cobbler
5.) pecan pie

Favorite Ways To Pass Time:
1.) blogging
2.) watching old movies
3.) shopping online
4.) painting
5.) snuggling

Favorite Physical Activities:
1.) walking maggie
2.) wii tennis
3.) wii fitness
4.) vacuuming
5.) ummm... heavy petting??? (lol, don't you love that it come after vacuuming???)

Favorite Music Groups:
1.) u2
2.) eagles
3.) beatles
4.) coldplay
5.) ratpack

Favorite Fruits & Veggies:
1.) donuts
2.) bananas
3.) granny smith apples
4.) peaches
5.) seedless watermelon

Five Obsessions:
1.) donuts
2.) john
3.) katherine
4.) maggie
5.) cleanliness

Five Joys:
1.) katherine
2.) maggie
3.) blogging
4.) travelling
5.) donuts

Five Fears:
i only have really one... loss

Five Surprising Facts:
1.) i shower, shampoo, and shave at least 2 times a day.
2.) i live in a pre-civil war house that part of was slave quarters, and, for those who haven't read my early posts, it is also the house in which i was raised. john purchased it for me for our 1st anniversary
3.) i gained 74 lbs. when i was pregnant with katherine (DONUTS;)
i lost it very quickly, though:D
4.) i am a ralph lauren (polo) addict... a preppy through and through.
5.) i am a gourmet cook.

Join the fun if you'd like!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx


Little Sweethearts said...

I love it that you put "donuts" as your first choice under fruits and vegetables! Dani, I think you have an addiction... :)

Maybe I'll do this when I feel lost for things to blog about.

Beautiful story about the Mosses again.

Love and hugs,

Jan said...

If I was ever to meet you in person, I would definately bring you donuts. You have a super love for those. Wow. Love polo too.

Amanda said...

Of course Donuts come under favourite Fruit/Veg ~ they do come filled with fruity strawberry jam!
A few months back i got my hands on one of those peanut butter cups...Yum!!!
Now i'm craving them and donuts!
Great answers Dani!
Amanda x

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I am thinking there is a very busy Krispy Kreme near you!
I had no idea you were a gourmet cook--I so love to cook :) Wanna swap recipes sometime--I have the word's greatest lasagna (although it takes an entire day to make) and a few donut recipes too :)

SuzanSayz said...

Gee Dani, I will forever now picture you as a character in the Simpsons, who enters a donut eating contest against Homer. Hmmmm, interesting concept. I wonder who would win? ;)

Tabitha said...

Wow ~ I love that donuts are now classed as a fruit/veg ~ that brings a whole new side to my diet Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
Love learning all these new things about you Dani!!
Love and big hugs Tab XXXX

Bren's Life said...

What a cute house. I love all the green & trees. How sweet that he bought you the house you grew up in.. Wow!

Hannah said...

Mmmm donuts :)
I love it when we go to FL and get those AMAZING ones. Like, for real, those are the best donuts everrrrr :D
They also have cookies the size of my head, which is an added bonus ;)


Kellan said...

Your home is so beautiful - what a peaceful place! I love that you have donuts on almost every answer - ACK!

Have a great Thanksgiving, Dani - Kellan

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

We share a love for favorite fuits and veggies - especailly the first one.