Friday, December 26, 2008

6 new pairs of pj's...

and counting:P

now, do you see WHY/HOW i have 42 pairs
(plus 6 new pairs)???


did you get new pj's for Christmas???

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Anonymous said...


Shannon said...

No...I even Asked Santa...Told him specifically that I wanted new PJ"s that I could wear while family guests are here visiting. I must've been bad....cuz I got No jammies.
Just could wear a new set every day and not have to wash for 42 plus 6 days!

Hannah said...

Yay for more jammies!! That's amazing :P
Yes, I did get some, actually :P Well, kinda....hahaha.

Love you!


Tabitha said...

Tee Hee ~ I did actually ~ 3 pairs in total ~ 1 pair from a very dear friend in Kentucky (ha ha ) ~ and 2 pairs from my Mum!!
I am nowhere near your now 48 pairs ~ but I am getting there ~ I can so totally see why you have sooo many pairs ~ I have lived in the ones you sent me ha ha ~ I need to get my PJ's from the USA in future! (may I please just add that they have been washed several times!!!!!)
Glad that Santa was good to you my dear friend.
love and huge big hugs XXX

Little Sweethearts said...

Hey, I got a pair of PJ's that look almost identical to the white pair in the front of your picture, except mine are pink... ;) I wonder who my secret Santa was? :p

Love and hugs,

Amanda said...

Funny that! I got a lovely comfy pair of P.J's all the way from Kentucky...!
I have lived in them since you sent them to me ~ at the end of the day i cannot wait to get into them :D
Hope you are having a great festive season.
Love your New Year look. I only wish i was actually there in Times Square celebrating it ~ insted of being at work!!
Amanda x

kristen said...

No unfortunately I didn't this year.
Yours look lovely though. One for each day of the week ( well almost)

Tanya said...

I did, a gorgeous pair just like the ones in your photo, all the way from Kentucky :))))
Your blog looks fantastic D.!!

Have a great day,

t. xxx

Bren's Life said...

Oh my Goodness! I have never known anyone that has that many pj's.. Wow!
I got some Dr. Pepper pj bottoms from a friend... I love them. That's the only pj's I got.

SuzanSayz said...

I have one pair of pajamas and three nightgowns. I just don't feel the need.
If you want to talk socks though, I have at least 32 pairs. Not that I love socks so much. It's more of a "I don't care if I haven't done any laundry this week, I still want a clean pair of SOCKS! thing.
I'm already missing your cute little Christmas back ground, but there is something to be said for ticker-tape, fireworks and New York City.

Anonymous said...

42?! Seriously? I didn't get any pj's at all. Maybe I'll come and borrow some of yours.

I'm so glad they liked the necklaces. It makes me so happy to hear!!!

Happy new year my friend.

Lucy said...

Dani, You must be a P.J. girl as I am a bag girl. Although I don't have as many bags as you do P.Js. Enjoy them all. I have heard a couple of Auzzie girls recieved some beautiful pajamas from a very loverly friend in Kentucky. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas.
Love and hugs.XXXXOOOO

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

My goodness me! How do you find the time to wear them all?!!-Not to mention drawers store them!!
You enjoy every pair!
M x

Jan said...

I can't get over your pj stockpile. I got 2 new pairs to go with my small pile. You really do love the pj. You should get a gig for advertisement for them. Love the new look in here.

Hope all is Merry and bright your way. Bye Dani

Lisa said...

42 pairs!!!! That's incredible!! Holy Moly. Well, that saves you on having to do laundry too often :)