Sunday, December 28, 2008


things sunday:)

1. my love bought a new tv stand. true story... when my brother picked up the tv off the old stand, the stand broke into 5 pieces; IT COLLAPSED ONTO THE FLOOR!!!
(rotflmao, i told john it was on its last leg;)

2. i gave maggie a hair cut and a bath yesterday. she is now squeaky clean and donning her new collar santa brought her in her stocking...
sooooooo sweet!!!

3. for 3 days, i had 15 guests... needless to say, i have put a few pairs of my new pajamas to good use since their departure:P

4. we had 60 mph straight line winds roar through here last night. the good news is... we didn't lose any trees. the bad news is... after the last storm we had, we didn't have many to lose:/ (we lost 8 100-year-old-+ virgin elms and oaks.)

5. john bought me photoshop for Christmas; i installed it; i cannot find the program on my computer. i guess that means i am going to have to MAKE myself read the instructions, huh???

6. EVERYONE was in a really good mood this past week:D
(you never know???)

7. i'm looking forward to the new year; i'm claiming 2009 as a year of renewal for
"dani on the lane":P

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Jan said...

I am on my way to church right now, but I am so glad everyone has been happy and that you did your 15 guests proud. And I gave my doggie a bath too. :)

SuzanSayz said...

Fifteen guests for three days????

Wow Dani, I never knew that you were Wonder Woman!

Way to be "the hostess with the mostess"!

Tabitha said...

Oh Look at sweet Maggie!! What a total cutie and santa did her proud with that collar!

15 guests ~ wow ~ you should stay in your jammies for at least a week to recover tee hee!!

Glad that the winds have gone and did not do too much damage.

I truly hope that 2009 is a good year for you Dani ~ a year of renewal sounds like a great idea. I am looking forward so much to walking next to you through the coming year ~ and lots more to come!!
Take care (and relax a bit!!)
love and big hugs Tabitha XXX

Little Sweethearts said...

I wonder what you did to lose Photoshop?!? Ah yes, the MANual! Maybe you should get your MAN to read it? ;-)

I hope 2009 is a great year for "Dani on the lane". I look forward to visiting the lane often!

Love and knuffels,
PS: That picture of Maggie is so, so cute!

Amanda said...

Maggie is such a sweetheart!
I love her :)
That's a lot of guests ~ i would need the next year to recover!! LOL!!
I am looking forward to visiting the lane as much as i can in 2009!
I hope you and maggie are relaxing after all the bizz.
Glad not too much damage was caused in the storms and you are all safe ~ it's sad that all those old trees were lost though.
Big Hugs to you and Maggie,
amanda xx

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I hope you have recovered from all those guests! I hope you had a great Christmas too :)

Tanya said...

Maggie looks so sweet :)) That's alot of people, we had close to thirty for the day.... that was enough for me!!! It's so sad about those beautiful trees, but so happy you are all safe! Hubby installed photoshop for me, I'm no good when it comes to that sort of thing LOL!!! Good luck with it & yes read the manual, I've been told that it does help :D Enjoy your new pj's my friend :))) I'm really looking forward to visiting the "lane" in 2009!!!

t. xxxx

Cristin said...

Wishing you a wonderful 2009...

Love all the pjs!

Lucy said...

Dani, Wow you have been busy with 15 people to entertain. Get in those P.J. now girl and stay in them for as long as you can. You certainly deserve the rest. Shame about the 8x 100year old trees gone for everbut a blessing that there was no damage this time round. Those winds sound firece. Maggie looks ever so cute in her new collar. Hope 2009 will be kind to you and your family.
Love and hugs.XXXXOOOO

Ginny said...

I've got 18 starting on Wednesday. I may call for advice. Only 13 are staying at the house. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas! I miss you. 2009 is the Year of Ginny for me. We'll see what happens!

Weith Kick said...

It sounds like you have had a good holiday season. That is good because I'm just plain worn out from mine. Whew!!!