Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas meme...

j and esme over at mozi esmé have tagged me!!!
here are 7 (i chose "Christmas") factoids about me...

1.) i like to wear flip flops all year long and was so excited to find "mitten socks", which i ordered from japan a few years ago for katherine and me for Christmas!!!
2.) i have 42 pairs of flannel pajama bottoms (lol, mostly Christmas print), which katherine and i share. i love, love, love me some pj's; kat does too:D
3.) i miss watching frazier thomas' "family classics" Christmas movies on wgn with my grandmother... but not nearly as much as i miss my grandmother.
do you remember chicago's very own wgn "family classics" hosted by frazier thomas back in the late 7o's early 80's??? did you watch???
4.) i love pink and green Christmas time goodies... my favorites are (preppy) jet-puffed marshmallows for hot chocolate and prairie farms peppermint stick ice cream:P
5.) i haven't baked a single holiday treat; but i've had my fair share of reese's cups and hershey's candy cane kisses...
6.) katherine's last day of school before Christmas break is tomorrow. i'm more excited than she is; i love having her at home with me:)
7.) i have no idea what santa is bringing me this year...
do you know what "the jolly old elf" is bringing your way???

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps. tag! you're it...please tell us more more about yourselves if you don't mind :o)

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Kellan said...

You are so cute in your flipflips and socks - cute! I haven't baked anything either - I need to get on that!

Take care - Kellan

Hannah said...

I dig the facts! 42 pairs of jammie bottoms :P Go Mommay! That has to be a record or something.... That's probably better than having one or two, and wearing them ALL of the time, though (ahem...:P). That gets kind of nasty (or I've heard...:P).

Love you!

P.S. OH! And, I think I might be seeing you tomorrow? Maybe? I'm not sure. Those boys DRIVE ME CRAZY when it comes to plans. I think we're coming to my house after school, and then after the boys leave, have someone either pick us up, or my mom will take us back to the lane. Just thought I would tell you, just in case Katherine forgot (for she's notorious for doing that :P).
But, after the week I've had (and tonight...oh my gosh, you would so laugh if you say me right now. I'm an absolute WRECK after studying tonight!!), I NEED a girls night. No joke.
Okay...this is offially g'night, now :D

Jan said...

I have 3 pairs of pj's. I thought that I was overs on that. You are a Macy's store in the pj dept. girl. How lucky.

No flip flopping about it, you did find some killer socks.

Tabitha said...

OMG ~ and I thought that I was doing well with my 5 pairs of PJ's ~ 42 PAIRS!! I think that must be an all time PJ record ha ha !! You are definitly a woman after my own heart ~ I would live in my PJ's if I could ~ but I think that the childminding parents may not be too impressed ha ha !!! I have no idea what those christmas goodies taste like ~ but they sound GOOD!!!!!!
I love these tags ~ you learn lots of new little facts!!
Love and hugs XXX
PS ~ I LOVE those socks ~ where did you get them?? Over the internet???????? Pink is my favourite sock colour!!!!!!

PS ~ We have now gone into christmas overdrive here ~ schools out ~ I have finished work until 2009~ let the holidays begin tee hee xxx

Weith Kick said...

42 pairs of flannel pajama bottoms?!? I have 42 pairs of flannel pajama tops.

SuzanSayz said...

WOW, 42 pairs? Do they score their own dresser? I always liked my kid's school vacations too. Some how when they are off for several days in the middle of the school year it almost feel like cheating.
I enjoyed your list of Christmas things about you.

Amanda said...

Jet puffed marshmallows sound interesting ~ but good!
I love those socks, now you can wear your flip flops all year round and not have cold toes!
Take Care,
Amanda x

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I unfortunately know what I'm getting. Due to the sales slip my husband left laying around. I swear I wasn't being nosy. I like to be surprised. I was just cleaning off the end table and I had to make sure if it was something we wanted to keep or not.

MoziEsmé said...

I love those socks! 42 pairs of jammie bottoms is a bit much, I think, though... :) How on earth do you choose?

And we haven't baked anything, either. And we're not even gonna feel guilty about it!

dani said...
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dani said...

the thing about my pjs is this...
the older they are the softer they get, thus, i don't ever throw them away unless they get holey. that is also what katherine and i always ask for for Christmas. last year alone we got 9 pairs between us.
ps i have the tops to most, but we usually wear t-shirts or hoodies with our bottoms, ha!!!

Jen said...

Dani - will you send me your address?

Tanya said...

I now know why you have 42 pairs of pj's, they are so nice to wear! I tried mine on last night & I LOVE them so do the kids lol!!! Those socks are too cute! Well my friend... as for the Reese's cups, they are totally divine, & I LOVE them too, thank you so much :)))) I haven't baked anything cause it's too hot here!! LOL!

Have a great weekend :)

t. xxxx