Saturday, December 20, 2008

even more to love...

i received this beautiful keepsake ornament
in my mail box yesterday afternoon...

(isn't it gorgeous!!!)

thank you so much, tanya!!!

tanya sent this ornament to me all the way from the beautiful gold coast of australia:) i absolutely love it!!! it will forever remind me that 2008 was the year i met so many wonderful friends from all around the world in the great blogoshphere and was included in the "snail mail bunch"!!!

2008 has been sweet, indeed:D

(baaaa, baaaa, haaaa:)

and thank you tabitha, for the follow-up card!!!

it is going in a frame, tee-hee:P
those of you who have read me from the beginning already know that i am goat challenged. those of you who haven't...


i mistook a goat for a calf for several months...
and then there was the dog that i thought was a goat!!!
(guess you had to be there;)

anyway the card was also a big hit in the mailbox yesterday.

thank you, girls, again!!!
love you:)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Tabitha said...

My goat card made it to you ~ I wasn't sure whether it would get there before Christmas or not! I saw it and knew you would love it ~ you being the founding memeber of Goat Challeneged Anonomous and all (tee hee!!!).
Tania's decoration is just gorgeous and has pride of place on our little (minimal!!) tree too!
2008 sure has been a great year ~ what with meeting all you blog friends and the snail mail club ~ it is definitly a year I will remember!!
Love and big 'goaty' hugs (hahahah!) Tab XXX

Tabitha said...
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MoziEsmé said...

Beautiful ornament! And we've got lots of goats here we can send you...

Little Sweethearts said...

Tabitha sure knows to pick her cards!!! I ♥ that goat card!!! Definitely fitting for a goat challenged sexky girl ;-)

2008 has been wonderful indeed, I couldn't agree more. Let's see what 2009 has in store for us...

Love and hugs,

Hannah said...

I love the ornament! Can't wait to see it on the tree :)


Amanda said...

The ornament is just beautiful. I love the one that Tanya sent to me.
Ahh...this has to be year of the Goat, eh?!! LOL!
Amanda x

Tanya said...

You're more than welcome Dani!! 2008 has had it's ups & downs... but the highlight is becoming friends with you girls & something I'll always treasure... Oh that goat card is too funny, Happy Holidays D. :)))) Love YOU too!

t. xxxxxxxx

SuzanSayz said...

Too funny. There is a pasture near us that contained what I thought was a buffalo. I told my daughter Courtney about it and even drove her over there to see it. I was so excited.
We get to the field, I look over expecting her to be as interested as I was, She looks at me in disbelief and rolls her eyes while saying, MOM, that's a BULL, NOT a buffalo.
Uh yeah. . . .I meant to do that.

Jan said...

How cool is that. Love the ornament and the goat card is a hoot. How fun. You are so loved Dani. Me loves you too.

Lucy said...

Hi Dani, Is that as bad as me mistaking a well endowed bull for a pregnant cow? When you are a city girl these mistaks are bound to happen. Let me think; goat for a calf, mmmm maybe not. A dog for a goat, mmm yes that could happen. There are some ugly but very cute dogs out there. Love the ornament from Tanya. You are well loved and rightly so.
Love and Hugs, Lucy