Wednesday, February 11, 2009


several of you left questions about maggie and her breed on my last post. so, i thought i'd try to answer those questions and share a bit more about her...

suz commented that they should make doggie boots for wet, muddy days. well, suz, they do!!! they actually make rain boots, cowboy boots, tennis shoes, mary janes, saddle-oxfords, etc... i had thought about getting her a set because they are precious but decided that she probably wouldn't want to wear them (and they are relatively expensive... (like about the same price as a nice pair of human shoes, ha!!!)).

(even ruby slippers, suz)

now, if katherine were still this age, i might not be able to resist:)

(how adorable would they be???)


(post shower)

bren was surprised that i gave maggie a bath after our walk. mag gets a bath about once every 2 weeks (and a puppy-cut once a month) and has since she was 6 weeks old. thus, i don't normally bathe her after going for a walk:) however, when we returned from that particular walk, she was wet, filthy, and smelled. so, as soon as we walked into the house, she received not one but two baths... as she sleeps (every night) on her HALF of the bed... between john and me:/

you may recall this story.

(her half in the middle;)



heidi asked what kind of spaniel maggie is. heidi, maggie is a cavalier king charles spaniel (aka "ROYAL LAPDOG"). cavaliers come in four accepted varieties: blenheim (white and red), ruby (solid red), tri (white, tan and black), and black and tan (maggie).

further, the ckcs's are very intelligent (like ocd intelligent), playful, and most of all DEVOTED!!! they aren't dogs that can be left alone for very long periods of time because for over 400 years they have been bred to be lap dogs and companions. for this reason, cavs require the same amount of attention that a small child does. although highly intelligent, they are not street-wise at all!!! most breeders will not even sell one of their pups unless the buyer has a fenced in yard.
(with maggie, a fence/leash is a MUST!!!)


(molly's hollie... i hope you don't mind that i used this photo, molly:)

molly, a fellow cavalier owner, wondered (after making a comment about maggie's nose being to the ground while she was walking me in the clip i uploaded) if cavs are used for anything (e.g. police dogs, etc...).

i'm not really sure, molly. cavs do have a keen sense of smell; but, lol, the officer would have to peal his pooch off his lap to get her to go to work, no???

(on the hunt)

i don't know if you know this or not. king charles I (obviously) loved this breed; he had a pack that were always with him whether in the castle or on a hunt (during his reign the cav was the only dog allowed to go on hunts because of its "toy" size.)

(i'll bet you the cav never moved, tee-hee!)

additionally, king charles I had many women (besides his wife, i know, imagine that???). each of his women including his wife was provided with a cav. the cavs provided these women (respectively) with endearing companionship, warmth, and (most importantly) the cavs kept the fleas off the king's women, which was VERY important at that time due to the spread of the BUBONIC PLAGUE by fleas!!!

(king charles I's children with cavs... charles II on left)

and too, king charles I's children had several of the small spaniels for play.

(king charles II... he actually resembles the breed, imo;)

lastly, king charles I's son (king charles II) was so fond of the breed that he declared that the cavs would be allowed in all public places:)


(mosses and katherine)

i'd like to share one last thing about maggie. maggie was/is indirectly given to me by my mosses, which makes her all the more special and beloved. i adore keeping this little part of him close: so, she is almost always by my side:) according to john, when i am away from the house, she mourns (for lack of a better word) my absence... with real tears!!! it is so bad (on her part) that when john and i went out to dinner a couple of weeks ago, she was so excited when i returned that she hyperventilated.
john??? he just shook his head:b

(that night after all the excitement)

we are just a wee bit co-dependent, i would say:D

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


SuzanSayz said...

What a great post! I've never been a dog lover at all, but you and little Maggie are definitely converting me.
I loved all the information. One question, the picture of King Charles 2 looked like a photograph. Was it a real painting? It looked to me like a joke picture, or a caricature.

SuzanSayz said...

Oh how could I forget this. I absolutely LOVED the picture of Katherine with Mr Moss.

Anonymous said...

THat was the most relaxing post I've ever read. Maybe it had something to do with YOUR ARE MY SUNSHINE playing so mellow in the background.

You, Maggie, Katrine, and Mr Moss...all too cute.

Tabitha said...

Oh Dani ~ I am still laughing about the 'Co dependent' part ~ bless your sweet little Maggie Pie ~ I just love her soooo much!!
I love all the info and I must admit that I feel really bad that I had no idea about all this history surrounding the Royal Family and the spaniels ~ and I am british LOL!!! Thank you so much ~ I love history ~ and this post was just wonderful.
Love and big hugs ~ to you and sweet Maggie XXXXXX

::Jan:: said...

What a true friend you have in your dog. So loyal and you are so loved. I have always thought they have one of the cutest little faces. They just are so cute. I had heard about how they love attention. But she is so lucky to have you to give it to her.

Love the history attached too. Very interesting. I love that period of time though. So weird but so fascinating.

Thanks Dani and with an attachment to the Mosses, makes this story even better.

juz said...

THat was a great blog Dani!! Cav's a gorgeous! I love flat faced breeds!! I have a Griffon Bruxellois for that very reason!!

My mum is a dog judge, and she judges Toys and Working Dogs - but Toys are her speciality. So we have been surrounded by Cavs and the like indirectly all our lives.

LOVE EM!!!! And I love your Maggie!!


MoziEsmé said...

She is such a sweetie! Of course she deserves half the bed!

linda said...

We are a little "co-dependent" at our house too...just a little!

Hubby just shakes his head like John!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Yeah, I'm think you are both a little co-dependent :)
And it's great!
Love the pic of Mr. Moss and Kat!

Tanya said...

Maggie is just too sweet! I love the photo of Katherine & Mr. Moss & the last one of you & Maggie... I think you're right about you two being just a little co-dependent... just a little!!

t. xxxx

Shannon said...

this is just a precious story.....Maggie lovers her mommy.

Amanda said...

Katherine dressed as dorothy from the wizard of oz is too cute Dani!
The dog shoes are cute, whatever next??! LOL!!
Maggie post shower with her fur all sticking up is sweet. She has that bed head look LOL!
Amanda x

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Oh, I want one! I like the black and tan, or the tri. Thank you for doing such a detailed post. :)

Someday I will get a dog. For now, my cats will keep me company.