Friday, February 6, 2009


my friend, cheri, did this on her blog and offered to interview others. it sounded fun; so, i thought, "what the heck..."!!! anyway, the rules are posted at the bottom, let me know if you want to participate. it's fun:)

1. What would be your perfect weekend?

my perfect weekend would be a long one!!! john and i would be packed and ready to head to st. louis on wednesday after work. we would leave henderson spending the night in st. louis and leave on the 6:30 am non-stop flight to cancun, mx. upon landing we would taxi 45 miles south to puerto aventura, be welcomed to the palace with native flowers and two flutes of ice-cold champagne.
then, we would spend the next 4 days basking in the sun, sipping beach drinks, eating three amazing meals a day, and being entertained and pampered by the natives...
finally, upon arriving home, we would be renewed, rested, and ready to be at home with a daughter and a puppy-dogger who would both be elated to have us home:)

2. If you could go back in time is there anything that you would change about your past?

i would love to go back into my past and relive events savoring every moment... MORE!!! but, knowing what i do now, i know that if i were to change even one small thing i might not end up where i am. and, i would NEVER want to change where i am. it took the life i lived (i believe EVERY single aspect of it) for me to find my way to God. finding HIM was/is the most important thing i ever did/will do.
so, i will say i wouldn't change a thing!!!

3. What are the best and worst things about your town?

the best and worst part of living in my town is basically the same thing... it is small. the best part about it being small is that everyone knows most everyone (or there is at least a connection). for the most part, EVERYone smiles, greets, opens doors, is eager to help in times of trouble, etc... on the flip side,however, EVERYone knows EVERYone else's business.
there is very little privacy in a small town!!!

4. If you won the lottery what would be the first five things you would do/buy?

i don't buy lottery tickets often. i bought one several years ago (this is kind of funny, now); after bringing it home, i grew scared that i would win and that winning would modify my lifestyle in an undesirable way.. ha, i was so thrilled when i didn't have any matching numbers i nearly did a happy dance!!!
now, theoretically, if i were to win the lottery, i'd like to give my family the money they need to pay off their debts while also helping others i know (in the same way), put some money in the bank (several banks so as to keep it secure), and give the rest to different charities (especially those dealing with children and spreading the WORD OF GOD).

i STILL do not want my life to change... as i really do like to keep my garden small:)

5. What is your favorite childhood memory?

oddly, i don't know if i really have a favorite childhood memory unless it was the day i was standing in the middle of my grandmommie's living room and my aunts, uncle, and cousin were all telling me to come to the one i loved the most. (i was only about 3 and was the only small child of 7 brothers and sisters; my cousin was 12 years older than i and the same age as my youngest aunt.) i twirled and twirled around in circles, hearing the voices, respectively, try to lure me, and falling to the floor dizzy, giggling, and feeling nothing but LOVE:)
i miss drinking sweet coffee milk and giggling with my grandmommie on late weekend nights...
and the feel of my mamaw soft finger tips rubbing my back and sleeping with her under her soft, april fresh sheets.

can you feel the love???


1. if you want to be interviewed, leave me a comment that says "interview me".

2. i will respond by emailing you 5 questions (chosen by me).

3. update your blog with the questions, answers to the questions, and let me know when you have posted it.

4. include this explanation, and offer to do interviews in the same post.

5. then when others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Cheri and Jesse said...

Dani, thanks so much for taking part. My husband also grew up in a small town and can completely relate to you. He talks about how when he would arrive "home" from college an hour or so early and would stop by and see a few friends, his mom would be pacing by the door. Already aware!! Because as you said, in a small town everyone knows everyone, their business, AND their phone number!!! lol

Again thanks, Dani. I am blessed to have "met" you! When you and Jon go on your vacation (#1)let me know when you arrive is STL, we'll have a drink! ;)


dani said...

that sounds like a great plan, cheri:) i feel blessed to have met you, too!!!

MoziEsmé said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend. And I LOVE your childhood memory! All kids should have that same experience...

::Jan:: said...

Okay Dani. Your childhood memory about me cry. So precious. What a great foundation that you were given in this life. LOVE. Your family sounds just wonderful. I saw you twirling too.

I love your new profile picture. Oh la la girl.

Amanda said...

That was fun Dani and such wonderful answers !
I would like to take part, so Interview Me!!
Hope you are having a nice weekend my friend,
Amanda x

SuzanSayz said...

Very nice answers Dani. I have to agree with not wanting to change things. I would only want to change how I treated my oldest daughter Heidi. Everything else I wouldn't dare mess with.
i am about to shock you with my irresonsibility.

I would love to be interviewed. But do I have to write and then FOLLOW all the rules? I'm afraid I would let you down by selfishly doing the interview and then not passing it on. I can be a little lazy about things like that. So I will let you decide if I am worth the risk or not.

Ginny said...

I'll go Cancun (or somewhere else) with you!!!

Tabitha said...

I love it Dani!!
That holiday sounds great ~ I want to go too ha ha !!
I know exactly what you mean about living in a small town ~ we have the same thing here ~ good in one way ~ but bad in another ~ you can't win!! ha ha !!
I would love to do this!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXXX

Tanya said...

You perfect weekend is just that... PERFECT!!! It's true what you say about going back & changing things... we may not end up where we are now... that's scary!! Love your childhood memories...

t. xxx

Lucy said...

Hi Dani, I loved this entry. You must have had a wonderful childhood and it shows as you always seem to be happy and positive.
It is scarey when you think about what you would change. Like you I am happy with were I am now and to think I might not have my wonderfull girls, Jimmy Troy and my beautiful grandbabies.

Thank you Dani for your very knid comments.
Answer to you question. My Mum did teach me to crochet and yes I have made many dolies, blankets and clothes for my girls when they were little.

I even taught Jimmy to crochet and he made a few blankets. SHHhhhh... Don't tell anyone.
Love and hugs XXXXOOOO

Cristin@Serendipity said...

Fun to learn a little more about you!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Oh I loved reading this--great questions and even better answers!
Please interview me if you get a chance :)

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Interview me please!

I want that same weekend...ah, I can just feel the warm sun!