Friday, February 20, 2009


thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers!!!

i saw my dermatologist yesterday; she could tell by looking that i had (not two but) three pre-cancers on my face. tonight i will start treating them with a topical "chemo" cream, carac.

while i was there i also showed her a place on my arm and one on my lower back. (i wasn't really all that worried about either one of those because i had shown them to another doctor not long ago). she agreed the one on my arm was nothing and then looked at my back.

when she looked at the one on my back, she asked me a few questions (how long had it been there??? had it changed in size or color??? etc...). after i answered her questions, she told me the slightly raised, discolored area needed to be excised and be biopsied.

so, i should know something about that in a couple of weeks. presently??? i'm just very grateful that my face can be treated with an ointment. i'll be concerned with the one on my back when and if i need to be.

this would probably be as good a place
as any to include that that these
places were not caused by using sun-
screen... quite the opposite, they
were more than likely caused from
lying for hours and hours, for years
and years in the sun donning baby oil
and iodine.


thank you ALL, again. you are such wonderful friends:)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I am hoping you will be just fine.:)

I had a birthmark that was pre-cancerous when I was 11 or 12. They started removing parts of it. I'm fine.

Hannah said...

I'm so glad to hear that it wasn't anything major, and that you can treat it with something as simple as some ointment! I'll keep thinking about you :)


ps. did katherine tell you that she and the boys are coming to my house tomorrow? tell me if there's a problem with that. i just knew that she probably hadn't said a word, yet :P

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Still praying. I'm sure your mind can be a crazy things at times like this... :)
You are a very positive person though. I love the way you look at things. :)

Bren's Life said...

Yikes! Ouch. I hope you feel better soon & find out the results soon too.

Tabitha said...

Oh Dani ~ I am so relieved to read this ~ and glad that the cream can treat it!! I agree with you ~ don't worry about the other bit until you have to ~ I am sure that it will be fine!
Still thinking of you and sending much love and a big big hug XXXXX

Amanda said...

I'm so glad that you caught these pre-cancer cells on your face!
A few years ago now i had pre-cancer cells treated on my cervix. TMI? Sorry! It's all ok now though.
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Big Hug to you!
Amanda x

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

You went to the doctor and got it checked out and a cream. You will be OK!
I will continue to pray!


Shannon said...

So glad to hear that you can use a cream for your face.
I too wore the baby oil......what were we thinking?
Please use a good with out mineral oil in it.
I see a dermatologist every 6 months b/c I use a tanning bed and b/c of a mole.
Please keep us updated on your progress!!!!!

SuzanSayz said...

I always felt sorry for my self back in the seventies when everyone else would lay out in the sun for hours, slatherd in baby oil. I just never ever had the patience to just lie there. Plus I would just burn anyway. Now I realize just how lucky I am to never have done that. I think it has a lot to do with why people think I look so much younger than my age. Whew, I guess I really did dodge a bullet.
I hope the ones on your back are benign. Don has some like that on his back and our doctor doesn't seem very worried.

Lucy said...

Dani. I am so sorry not to know what you were going through. Lucky you did act when you did and I hope that the cream does it's job and all will be ok. Sending you big hugs and lots of love. I will pray that all will be O.K.

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I am sooo relieved and happy to read that nothing had to removed from your face and that a cream is all that is needed.

Ouch, that looks sore around your lower back. I hope that you are not too uncomfortable.

I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

I also look back at my teenage years and am horrified that I was not always sun safe. Now, we get our skin checked annually. We are also now so diligent when it comes to protecting ourself from the sun's harmful rays.

Lots of love and hugs

MoziEsmé said...

I'm proud of you for getting it checked out! I'd probably still be in denial.

And glad you got to the face spots in time. Praying all goes well with the back.

Thanks for the reminder to be careful! I've got sun allergies so stick to the shade, but Esme tans so well I generally don't worry about her, and I probably should a little more.

Christy said...

Take care of yourself Dani. And I promise to always use sunscreen:)

Little Sweethearts said...

Hi Dani,

I tried visiting your blog yesterday, but all I could see was your blog roll and not any of your posts/pictures. So I only saw what was on my Blogger dashboard. I felt so bad that I couldn't leave you a comment, but I'm glad that there are no problems today.

Cancer, always a hard word to hear, no matter at what time it comes in your life. It must have been really scary realising that your family has a history of skin cancer and that it might have affected you as well. I was relieved to read that it can be treated with an ointment and trust that you will do exactly what the doctor tells you to. :) Wishing you well,
Lots of love and knuffels,

Ginny said...

Dano-glad you got those checked out. Troy's had 2 spots removed that were basal cell carcinomas-one just 2 weeks ago. He also had over 20 spots frozen that were solar keratosis. He claims it's from too many sunburns as a kid out on his parents' boat. Keep suncreening up!!!!

Ginny said...

Dano-glad you got those checked out. Troy's had 2 spots removed that were basal cell carcinomas-one just 2 weeks ago. He also had over 20 spots frozen that were solar keratosis. He claims it's from too many sunburns as a kid out on his parents' boat. Keep suncreening up!!!!