Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"don't break a hip, ethel!!!"

those were the words i received via email this morning from the notorious d:P

(lucy and ethel on the lane;)

you see... yesterday morning maggie had to go out to potty. since most of the *snow* had melted over the weekend, i thought it would be ok to just slip on a pair of john's house shoes and a jacket instead of getting all geared up for the weather.

i fastened maggie's leash on her collar and opened the door; she ran out the door, down the steps, and into the yard ahead of me. the sun was shining brightly on what *snow* still lay on our front yard. i took note of how beautiful it was.

when she had used up all the slack in her leash, maggie stopped and turned around to look at me as if to say,
"you know it's the side yard or bust, mom!!!"
i laughed to myself at her and took a step off the front porch. i took the second step before realizing that the *snow* wasn't giving beneath my feet...

it was then that it happened.
i had absolutely NO CONTROL:/
i was standing on a solid sheet of ICE...
but not for long!!!

for, in slow motion my left foot started sliding to the east and my right to the south west... given that the leash handle was all i had to hold onto,
DOWN i went right on my bum:o

"the side yard or bust, mom!!!"

the first thing i did was think, "is my arm broken???" because i was feeling pain... then, upon deciding that it wasn't, i looked around to see if anyone saw.

no one in sight.

it was at that point, that i started laughing at myself, ALOUD:P

what a dork!!! there i sat with only thin flannel pj bottoms separating my bum from a couple of inches of ice. maggie was STILL looking at me (at that point, in total disgust) waiting for me to take her to the side yard dammit, and i was just trying to figure out (through laughter) how i was going to get myself in a vertical position and back to the porch???

don't worry, i have no pride;
i crawled!!!

finally, when i made it back to the porch, i stood and walked very carefully around the perimeter of my house holding on to the siding for dear life... i made it to the side yard where maggie prefers to relieve herself:)

and, btw (if anyone is wondering)???
she did!!!

my hip isn't broken at all; thank you, d:)
but(t), my bum is still a little tender:b

love and GOd's blessings,
dani xx


Dana said...

Strap a pillow on your butt next time, chick---and send a picture :)
Much love, D

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

That was so funny Dani - you created a wonderful picture there!! So glad to know you weren't hurt, so easily done. I can just imagine little Maggie's face, looking on in displeasure at you all over the floor!!
At least you saw the funny side of it all (think I would have probably wet myself laughing actually which would have disgraced a Cavalier even more!)
Your story reminds me of when I went out walking with Hollie and Sophie (this was a few years ago) and I tripped and sprained my ankle. But the really funny part was that both the girls thought I had decided to get down on the path for a game or a cuddle, so decided to jump on me and lick me all over!
Oh well, at least we can laugh at our stupidity.
Go safely!
M x

::Jan:: said...

Oh my gosh Dani. What a complete "bum"mer. Seriously ouch. I can't believe you crawled in your jammies either. Oh what a site. Love the lucy in her jammies picture. Hilarious. Hope you have a better time of tinkle tales.

Cheri and Jesse said...

That is hilarious! Sorry that I am laughing out loud at your expense, but picturing you crawling outside in you jammies is just too much!!! Glad that you still bounce and didn't break anything!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Ha! That ice is slippery isn't it?!
Thank goodness nothing was broken and you can laugh about it :)

Tabitha said...

Oh goodness!!
I hope you are not too sore now!
At least you saw the funny side of it!
I nearly slipped on our front path today ~ and the children laughed!
(they are so unkind tee hee!!)
Take care ~ love and hugs Tabitha X

Ps ~ At least no one saw!!!!!!

Christy said...

Oh no! Thank goodness you weren't seriously hurt. It is snowing here in Jersey right now.

MoziEsmé said...

oh your poor bumm and poor pride! sounds like something i would do... :)

Lucy said...

Dani, Thank goodness you did not break anything. It would have been so great to have that scene on home movie. Just the thought of you crawling in your jamies sounds so funny.I can just imagine little Maggie looking at you and thinking, "why are you mucking around like that when you know I have bussiness to attend to."
Hope the weather is warming up for you. Love and hugs XXXXOOOO

Anonymous said...

Oh Hahahahah. thanks for a great laugh so early in the morning!

Cure for sore bum...ICE it!

Amanda said...

I know it's not funny, but it is and i laughed out really lound!
But i hope you are not too sore :-)
Amanda x

SuzanSayz said...

Thanks to considerate little, Maggie Pie, you now have a funny story to tell for years to come.

Cristin said...

Oh my! So glad you are okay! {Funny, in a sad, not at your expense kind of way!}

Lorie said...

Oh no! I am glad you could laugh at it and glad you didn't hurt yourself!

linda said...

OMG Dani, I pictured the whole thing as I was reading! It sounds like something that would happen to me...and I'm not beyond crawling on my knees in my pajamas either!

So GLAD you're ok!!

Tanya said...

D. I'm so glad you didn't break anything & no one saw you fall!! I would have crawled too lol!!!

t. xxx