Thursday, February 5, 2009

Operation Love Zimbabwe...

(a friend and esme playing in the rocks in africa)

you may have noticed the new button i have over on my side bar.
if you click on it, it should take you to my little friend esme's site,
which, btw, has been hi-jacked by her super-mom, j, so that j can provide her readers with insight into the lives of those living in zimbabwe (j&co.'s next missionary stop).

from february 1-14, j has been/will be giving away daily, african-themed prizes (all you have to do is leave a comment on each of her give-away posts (yes, you can still leave comments on feb. 1-today... as ALL drawings will take place on valentine's day;))!!!

good luck, and may you find your niche in helping whether it be through prayer and/or through your gifts:)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx
ps. today's give-away is a lovely plumaria candle.


MoziEsmé said...

thanks, d!

Bren's Life said...

I am so excited.. I love the picture.. I will answer your questions. And Please don't ever feel silly asking a question. There are no silly questions.

dani said...

you are so welcome, j:) i have a big "cause" link with info on my facebook account, too!!! i hope the word will spread. i don't know what i was thinking; i should have put this up as well as the cause a week ago:/

dani said...

thanks, bren:)

Anonymous said...

What a precious picture!
And thanks for the links.

::Jan:: said...

I thought of Bren when I read this. Glad she got the word. Thanks Dani.

Tabitha said...

Thanks for that Dani ~ will pop on over there now!
Esme is such a sweetie and that picture of her and her little friend is so cute!
Hope you are ok after your fall!!
Love and hugs Tab XXX

SuzanSayz said...

I hardly ever follow links. Not because I'm not interested, no, it's more that I spend so much time reading and commenting on all of the friends I have now, that I never feel I have the time to read other people's blogs, that aren't on my side bar.
I think I will try though. Thanks for the heads up, in any case Dani!

A Happy Heart Blog said...

I just put the link on my sidebar Dani. I have an old acquaintance from Zimbabwe. Her sister had started an orphanage their and died soon after in a car accident. The last I heard she was trying to run the orphanage from Montreal. Thanks for the reminder to contact her and see what how she is. Love your new photo Dani - you gorgeous gal you!

Lucy said...

Hi Dani,
I will pop over and check this out. Such a worthy cause and thank you for adding it to your sidebar. I spoke to a fellow who is contracted as a technican in my department at work and he filled me in on the tragic problems in Zimbabwe. He fleed from there a few years ago and settled in Australia. The sad part is that the westen world does very little to lift a finger to help. How can that be?
Love and hugs XXXXOOOO

Tanya said...

All signed up d. will add it on my sidebar!!! Such a cute pic of esme :D

t. xxxx