Friday, February 15, 2008

across the universe, roses, and weeds...


oj came over with the beatles movie, across the universe, a bottle of zin, and whatever he was drinking. the movie and/or the wine was really good. sometimes musicals totally overstimulate me, and my add kicks in. apparently, though, there was enough wine (my first since Christmas eve), spoken dialogue, and artistic scenery in this one 
i was able to enjoy it:D
 it was actually quite groovy...

i dig the beatles.
i love a lot of their music.
i love Jesus' first miracle of wine as well;b
i love spending time with oj.

thursday (valentines day)

i got out of the house for the first time since the ice storm yesterday. i had to go to evansville to get john his valentine. so, i went to bud's and got him a harley davidson jacket, gloves, and a neck cover to keep him warm when he rides his bike in the winter (gotta keep my boy warm:).

speaking of my boy, 
he came home with a dozen roses
 and a new video game for me... 
now, how sweet is that?

i love my boy!

i love keeping him warm.
i love valentines day.
i love roses.
and i really dig video games!


recently, i heard a quote, which stuck with me,
"everybody's got weeds in their gardens".

it's true.
 i've had them, 
and, thankfully,
 i've learned to rid myself of them!

it's hard sometimes...

i guess that's why i keep my "garden" small.
i love meaningful quotes.
i love learning hard lessons.
i love my garden, small.

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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