Saturday, February 16, 2008

peaches and cream oatmeal v/s oatmeal with peaches


ok, so i've been on this lenten diet and have been pretty much keeping my fat intake to 10 grams a day. i was in the grocery last monday and thought i'd try peaches and cream oatmeal as opposed to the plain oatmeal i'd been eating. i looked on the box and was pleasantly surprised to see that the peaches and cream oatmeal was a 1/2 fat gram less per serving than the regular stuff. hence, i bought the cereal and merrily went on my way. 

unfortunately, upon arriving home with breakfast i realized that a serving of p&c was only half the size of the original stuff. dang it! instead of my breakfast costing me 3 grams of fat it was going to cost me 5:/

 long story short... i ate the p and c oats this week (and obviously not much else) then had john pick up plain oatmeal and fresh peaches. it was pretty good (even better than the pre-made stuff with 1 1/2 less fat grams:).
 it actually tasted a little like peach cobbler.

i love peaches.
i frickin' love peach cobbler!
i love fattening food;b
i love i'm not eating fattening food!!!
i love john even more for going to the store for me:D

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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