Monday, February 25, 2008

long weekends and looooooooong weekends...

sometimes a "long weekend" refers to a mini-vacation like labor day/memorial day weekend, it starts on friday and ends on monday. this past weekend was not one of those...
it was just a weekend that was loooooooooooooooooooong!!! 


the kids were out of school once again due to icy conditions. i stayed in as i don't like driving on the stuff unless it is quite necessary, and it wasn't. i don't think i ever even got out of my pajamas except to shower and change pajamas. 
 friday was a very long day.


john left for lexington to go to a university of kentucky basketball game. so, i stayed jammied up most of the day, drank coffee, and cheered on the winning cats from the comfort of my couch. afterwards, i showered, clothed, and cleaned the house (i even mopped;)
kat's bf, jason, came over for the evening. i ordered pizza, hung out with them for a bit, and then retreated to my room to watch a little television and wait for john to return home.

sunday morning was beautiful. it snowed about an inch on top of the already ice-laden trees. the branches bent from the weight of the added snow, though the streets were clear.  i got up and went to the bakery to get katherine some sugar cookies. no luck, all the bakery had left were donuts: glazed, cinnamon twists, and honey buns. i guess the clear roads were a good reason for everyone to get out early to get their sugar fixes;)

afterwards, i took a long winter's nap. i awoke, watched the red carpet, drank a glass of champagne, and enjoyed the academy awards. later, i showered/shampooed/shaved, jammied back up and went to bed.


the kids finally went back to school! yay, them! yay, me! i love having katherine at home, but enough is enough... it's one thing when she's home and we're mobile. it's another when we're stuck...  she's bored, i'm bored, and nothing seems to get accomplished around the house. 

today, i did laundry... a lot of laundry! 
 i went to the grocery as we were out of everything (i do mean everything)... after returning and putting away my purchases, i worked on my brain age exercising again. i scored a 28 year-old brain today! i was so excited. i know i'm a nerd... i cannot help it. 

finally, as i sit here typing, i'm preparing to go cook john dinner. i just heard the weather man forecast still more snow for tomorrow. 
 thank you, GOD, it's snow and not ice!

i love pj's!

i love when uk wins!
i love when john gets to go to a game!
i love champagne!
i love snow (really i do)!

love and God's blessings, 


Shannon said...

I love Your blog and the music. I sit and hit refresh over and over . I should buy it on itunes and just be done with it. I was pleasantly surprised when I hit refresh that you had blogged. Lucky me I got to listen to MB again.

purple11 said...

thank you, shannon. btw, you can make your own mp3 player for your blog; just click on mine, and set up an account. it's free and you can put as many tracks on it as you want.

Shannon said...

I may just do that. What about photo bucket, do they charge your cell phone account for their service?

purple11 said...

it's all free... the mp3 thing, photobucket, and picture trail. picture trail has some pretty cool things you can do with your pictures. i would advise you to register for a free hotmail account to use for these services though just so your home account doesn't get inundated with junk:D