Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ice laden tree branches, snow, and roads...


it was even more beautiful
than it was yesterday.

but, looks can be deceiving.

it is treacherous as hell out there! 

 i happened to think
 about the ice covered hill 
in our front yard,
i leashed maggie and let her out 
to go potty
my babydogger
looked like bambi 
from the scene 
on the frozen pond-
all four legs going
 in different directions.
i was scared to death
 i wouldn't get to her
before she slid down the hill
on the ice and hanged herself.

thank God
 i did
she didn't!


later this afternoon,
katherine and i were 
watching general hospital
and heard a big boom!
i looked out to see
a branch as big as a tree 
had snapped and fallen.
given there was nothing i could
do about it,
i just closed the blinds
and rejoined our story
(already in progress;).


school is already cancelled
for tomorrow
as the roads are completely iced-over... 
 i get to spend another day
snuggled up with katherine and my three m's.

i love snow days with katherine,
i love my three m's, 
i love electric blankets,
i am thankful we have electricity
to keep us warm.
thank you, God!

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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